Why Has The World Neglected Balochistan?

Why does the international community mourn the loss of Nelson Mandela while ignoring the thousands of forced kidnappings and missing persons in Balochistan?


Speakers addressing International Human Rights Day Seminar, Karachi Press Club. Photo courtesy of Kiyya Baloch.

Noor Maryam, a young Pakistani female human rights activists and co-founder of Pakistan Youth Alliance, says the forced kidnappings in Pakistan’s restive southwestern Balochistan province represents the worst type of human rights abuse.

Noor says that the abduction of political workers in this region is a violation of the Pakistani constitution and when the issue is raised that Pakistani security agencies consider Baloch activists traitors, she counters by labeling the security services traitors because they violate the nation’s laws.

On December 10, Mr. Mama Abdul Qadeer Baloch, founder of the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP), organized a special seminar a seminar in the Karachi Press Club to mark International Human Rights Day. In the last four years, Mr. Baloch has organized seminars, hunger strike camps and press conferences to raise awareness for victims of human rights abuses and Baloch kidnappings.

Speaking outside the Karachi Press Club, VBMP representatives urged international organizations including the United Nations, to conduct an inquiry into the issue of forced kidnappings and human rights abuses in Balochistan.

Those expressing concern for the welfare of the Baloch people included at the occasion included Mr. Mama Abdul Qadeer Baloch, BBC correspondent Mohammd Hanif, renowned TV journalist and analyst Aijaz Jamali, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan council member Asad Butt, Baloch journalist Saeed Sarbazi, and distinguished Baloch human rights activist Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur.

Describing the international human rights day seminar, Noor notes the contradiction that it coincides with mourning the loss of Nelson Mandela while the international community has largely ignored the issue of missing persons in Balochistan.

Participants at International Human Rights Day, Karachi Press Club. Photo courtesy of Kiyya Baloch.

Participants at International Human Rights Day, Karachi Press Club. Photo courtesy of Kiyya Baloch.

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Kiyya Qadir Baloch is a freelance Baloch journalist associated with the Daily Times based in Islamabad. He reports on foreign affairs, Baloch insurgency, militancy and sectarian violence in Balochistan. Read other articles by Kiyya.

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  • Omera Bibi

    Missing people’s issue in Balochistan is very controversial and
    heart-weeping. It’s a genuine issue, practicing pure and objective journalism
    in Balochistan is as hard as the rocks of a mountains are. Media has much
    pressure from security forces therefore they don’t pay heeds to this problem at
    the meantime they are more focused on advertisements as a result ignorance is
    in its peak but I don’t understand why does international media speak about
    this issue? Can anyone answer?

  • John Marton

    Well it an open secrete known by the whole world that the
    issue of missing persons’ is worsening day by day. International community in
    particular America and European Union have kept silent over the issue because
    they don’t want to anguish their bosses in Pakistan who are fighting a war for
    them. while other countries don’t want to put their bilateral relations with
    Pakistan at stake by highlighting plight of missing balochi people in Pakistan, but i am hopeful American will be the first to raise their voice over the issue.

  • Farid Mengal

    we knoe we Baloch are fighting a war of freedom with an irregular and unhuman enemy, but we hope that the world still has a feeling for human beings. Pakistan is bombaring our homes, schools, and mosques. they are kidnapping our people and convert them in mutulated bullet riddeled bodies. but the fact is that the worls is still silent. Still civilized nations donate Pakistani Army. this donation is further used for genocide of baloch nation. we appeal the civilized nations and people of the world to stop donating a profesional killer of Baloch nation.

  • YasminTheJewish .

    Greetings from Israel. we understand your pain. we are familier with the suffer of the Kurdish and Baloch people. it has nothing to do with “palestine” since Israel was always ours, just like your Balochistan. I wish i could do something to help you guys.