Twitter Canada: Its First Year and Beyond

Canadian Tweeters will continue to hold a strong voice in driving discussions, trends and news on Twitter.

Canada-TwitterIt has been just over a year since Twitter Inc. opened the doors to its Toronto office and since then Twitter Canada has steadily grown.

Kristine Stewart, head of Twitter Canada has lead this enterprise through its first year.

I had the pleasure of hearing Kristine speak and her knowledge and passion about Canadian Twitter usage and growth potential is clear.

She spoke about her move from more traditional media to social media and the potential she sees for an ever-expanding Canadian Twitter community, not to mention growing revenue potential.

Though the Canadian branch of Twitter was only founded in June 2013, Canadians were not unfamiliar with the platform at the time; in fact, Canadians were more avid users per-capita than the US.

Now, in 2014, Twitter Canada is still seen as relatively young. Though Twitter has proven to be less effective at driving online traffic compared to Facebook and YouTube, Stewart retorts by saying Twitter does not necessarily need the same traffic levels to produce strong impressions.

While Twitter is young, it is growing everyday. The Twitter community is vocal, driving stories, trends, and even news minute by minute, often second by second. Twitter is a unique platform, lending itself to particular content focused at these social and savvy users/consumers.

As a social tool, in terms of politics and global awareness, Twitter has been instrumental since its popularization. In terms of revenue and use of the platform in driving web traffic to particular sources, Twitter has enormous potential.

Twitter will continue to be a strong tool in driving discussions, trends, and news globally, and Canadian Tweeters will continue to hold a strong voice in this discussion.

Emma Sturgeon holds a Master’s in Religion and Modernity from Queen’s University, Kingston. She is a researcher, writer, and political analyst living in Toronto, Canada. Read other articles by Emma.