The Mongolian Youth Federation

IMG_0032The Mongolian Youth Federation is a national non-governmental organization of youth which organizes a range of activities with the ultimate aim at providing support and help in protecting common rights and interests of Mongolian youngsters.

This includes improving youth self-development, physical and ethical education and helping resolve the social-economic challenges in education, health, employment and other issues.

The main goals of the MYF are:

  • To assist young people in becoming a socially active force for local communities and society in general
  • To provide the youth with opportunities to acquire and maintain moral, mental and physical health
  • To establish and maintain relationship with similar international and national youth organization.
  • To promote international friendship and respect through youth activities

On August 25, 1921, the Mongolian National Youth Movement began with as a formal group named the “Mongolian Revolutionary Youth Union” (MRYU) which first consisted only of seventeen members. Such prominent people included H. Choibalsan, one of the political leaders of the Mongolian Revolution and Ts. Gursed, a well-known intellectual of that time. These visionaries were instrumental in setting up the structure and policy for this patriotic youth organization that would aim to mobilize the young citizens of the new independent Mongolia for modernization and social progress of the country.

In 1921-1931, MRYU started strengthening and intensifying its activities. In 1946-1952, the foreign relations of  MRYU  had developed and participated in over twenty events organized by World Democratic Youth Union and International Student Association.

In 1960-1970, the foreign relations of MRYU expanded and Mongolian youth attended many conference, meetings and seminars which were held in Warsaw, Vienna, and Moscow. In 1967, the 9th session of the International Student Association was held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia attended by delegates in 115 organizations and over 80 countries.

By the end of the 1980s, changes and reforms started in Mongolia and young people led the democratic movement. The Mongolian Youth Federation was founded on January 18, 1991. The 1st General Assembly of MYF had adopted the activity guidelines and organization’s by-laws. The 2nd  General Assembly held in 1993, affirmed the status of MYF as non-governmental, independent public voluntary organization that expresses common goals of Mongolian youth.

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MYF had joined the World Assembly of  Youth (WAY) in April  and the Asian Youth Council in June 1993. During the World Summit for Social development in 1995, the MYF was awarded the nominee of World Youth from WAY under the patronage of the Malaysian Prime Minister. The MYF has cooperated with Parliament in fields of youth and children since 1996, and has active support with youth organization communities as well as international organizations.

Munkhbat Ayush was appointed President and CEO of the Mongolian Youth Federation in February 2012. Active in public affairs and policy, Ayush has served as Senior Advisor to the Labor Minister of Mongolia, and on boards of several public and private corporations. He earned a MA in Business Administration in Academy of Management, Government Agency of Mongolia.