Top 9 Stereotypes about Americans

Do you agree with these 9 stereotypes commonly held about Americans and the United States?

stereotypes-americansThe American people are always discussed around the world for their own unique behavior and influential culture.

However, gossip about them may sometimes be bitter. The complex cultural diversity nevertheless varies from place to place within the United States.

The following are the top 9 stereotypes about Americans:

1. Know nothing outside the USA

American people in general are thought to be ignorant and don’t know anything about the rest of the world including geography and the name of the countries. They are not oriented towards learning about the issues outside the USA.

2. Very generous

 They are very helpful and generous. Not only are Americans charitable, but the government is also very benevolent. The USA is always the first country in helping out the countries in conflict.

3. Obsession with celebrities

A common US citizen would rather know when is the next Justin Bieber concert than a major earthquake. They follow the celebrities on every platform. Their passion for a singer or an actor is unbelievably high.

4. Very hardworking

It won’t be wrong that many marriages have been affected by the lifestyle of Americans, since they spend more than half of the day on work. They work very hard for a living. They care about work more than other issues.

5. Family and socially disoriented

Most of the Americans are not very sociable or have a very limited social circle. They don’t spend much of their time with their families. Moreover, it has many consequences like homelessness regardless of such a big economy. It is because of not having a family support system.

6. Materialistic

They are thought to be passionate to have a lot of possessions. Their desire to have more is unending. Only a big house and a new-model car won’t be enough. They crave for having everything in the world.

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7. Immoral

The way the Americans live is considered very immoral in many countries. Their lifestyle and the way they dress are opposed to the doctrines of religions. The moral values of the people has deteriorated in the past few years.

8. Friendliness

It is believed that it is very easy to make American friends. They are regarded to be very friendly. They are very open and become friends very fast. But, it is thought that their friendship don’t last long.

9. Racist

Many people think that most of the Americans are racists. They discriminate people from other ethnic backgrounds and don’t treat them well.

These stereotypes are not always correct. The American culture is very diverse. However, the above are some of the most popular stereotypes about Americans.

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