Can Rahul Gandhi Lead a ‘New’ India?

A new India needs a new script, and Rahul Gandhi has indeed spelled out its contours.

rahul-gandhi-new-indiaIn a recent television interview, the All India Congress  Committee (AICC) Vice President Rahul Gandhi issued a strongly expressed demand for action for the new Indian political milieu. The political circles are abuzz with a new lexicon to define the Indian political system. Every Indian voice today has ideas like empowerment and the need to end closed systems.

From the beginning, Rahul Gandhi tried to revisit the idea of politics; that it connotes an activity towards the larger good of society as widely deciphered in Greek city-states. This process has to work out its way for a democracy that shall be deliberative and participative to the core.

With India being a parliamentary democracy, he attempted to remind citizens of the need for people’s chosen representatives to work out a consensus in government. Without putting his name for the top job, he is prepared to lead the AICC across India.

Politics in India has been devoid from avenues like gradual progression and evolving leadership. Implying that an outline of the political process as a trade-off between people’s expectations, increasing population, and limited resources present a complex picture where performance has to be one’s yardstick for evaluation at periodic five year elections. The idea of inclusive growth juxtaposed with the fact that the political parties have to give voice to the people at the grassroots have been aptly outlined by Gandhi as visions for a new India.

Dynamism is the hallmark of political and economic reality. This in turn calls for diversion of resources towards balanced growth across various states and regions, along with the need to strike equity in policy outlines. To assume that things will change quickly is an illusion. It requires piecemeal change towards social engineering.

The entitlement approach is a unique concept in the growth and development plank which was a game changing positive transformation of power relations among the various stakeholders. By emphasizing on the right to information, employment, education and in the near future food security – a great leap has been taken to strengthen the capacity of duty bearers and empower the rights holders.

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Thus, a new India needs a new script. Rahul Gandhi has indeed spelled out its contours. The need of the hour for the young India is to consolidate gains of the past, and make attempts in the present for a glorious future.

Dr. Amna Mirza is an Assistant Professor in Political Studies at a College in University of Delhi. Read other articles by Amna.

  • Mithun Shetty

    Rahul Gandhi is the perfect choice for a PM post. He is face of “yuva desh”. I strongly think that his ideas of make a difference. His unbiased leader i.e. he don’t judge people on the basis of their religion like Mr. Modi.

  • anugrah

    Rahul Gandhi, is intelligent, articulate, dynamic and expert in hiding all these qualities from the public.