Poems by Romi Jain

Three poems from Romi Jain, a published poet, novelist, and vice president of the Indian Journal of Asian Affairs: “To the Immigrants to America,” “From a Woman to Men Whose Silence Sucks” and “Words.”

romi-jain-poemsTo the Immigrants to America

Dear Immigrants:

To the gateway to freedom from fear,

where the stale tears – wiped not for years-

where the lip edges depressed with sorrow
stretch gaily into inverted rainbows,

where fantasies progress merrily from
mind to existence

where non-native birds escaped from the cage
to the vast firmament,

Would you utter a word of “thanks?”


From a Woman to Men Whose Silence Sucks

You are a silent light
with a minuscule domain of a candle:

they who pass by are heading toward
the black hole of perversion;

but the flame burns indifferently upward.
Your existence lends credence to assertion
that all men are not alike.

But your goodness is a diamond in a casket
and your courage a sword in a sheath.



Orderly, disciplined in preordained seats in lexicon,
words bewilder by leading distinct lives.

Sometimes a witness to a confounded writer
when a frayed sentence exposes their wounds,
as if poured in a dim trail by a famished pen;
shabbily tucked, stuck, or suffering in the brain.

Sometimes overpowering, visiting in a gang,
suggesting the flash of creativity
that transports material in its belly
for release at the divine-ordained moment,

and like a hennaed imprint with graceful strength,
blesses the words with permanency of the crown
when no substitutes exist.

And how subordinate to the force that delivers
when the meaning plays a second fiddle to passions,
like shooting determining the fate of an arrow.

Romi Jain is a published poet, novelist, and Vice President of the Indian Journal of Asian Affairs. She did her MBA from San Francisco, California, and has worked as a marketing professional with a Silicon Valley-based company. Her creative works include: The Storm Within (2008; 2011), Poetry! You Resurrect Me (2011) and Voices of Rocks in the Dusk (2012). Her poems have appeared in international anthologies and in literary journals such as Off the Coast; Touch: The Journal of Healing; The Journal of Poetry Society; Aquill Relle Magazine; Munyori Literary Journal; and The Tower Journal. Read other articles by Romi.

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