Just How Similar are Pashtun and Jewish People?

The Pashtun people who live in Afghanistan and Pakistan have common historical, linguistic and cultural similarities with Jewish people.

pashtun-jewishPreviously, we have compared the Pashtunwali, an unwritten code of conduct for the Pasthun people of Afghanistan and Pakistan, with the Jewish Torah.

Now we can look for similarities that originate from the Torah or from the Bible that do not have necessarily something in common with the Pashtunwali.

There are some recognized stories of  Pashtun practices virtually identical to Jews: Lighting candles on Friday night, separation of meat and dairy, and covering graves with stones.

Moreover, some Pashtu names derive from Hebrew. For example, Asif, Assaf, Binyamin, Kenan, and Barak (Barak is the name of the known Barakzai tribe, which traces after Barak son of Avinoam, officer- warrior of the ancient Israeli Kingdom.

Barak means glance, sparkling, flash. The other names mentioned in the Torah: Asif (harvest in Heberew), Assaf (gather in Hebrew), also known as the compositor of the Levi’s (Liwan tribe) choir, Binyamin (fool of power), the 12th Israeli tribe, and Kenan (lamenter in Hebrew) the fourth generation of the humanity.

These names are quite ordinary in Israel and in Pashtun areas. Names that do not originate from the Torah, like Tameer (high in Hebrew/hideen in Aramaic) and Timor (carved decorating shape of palms found at the Jewish temple), are also common among the two groups, as well as Shir and Sahar.

Religious names and tool share common characteristics.

In Pashtu, names of God are known as Khudai; while in biblical Hebrew God is referred to as (El) Shadai. The Jewish prayer shawl (talit) issue also has a great resemblance to the Pashtu/Urdu word tolia which means towel.

Many Pashtun wear scarves which look like a talit: a wide white scarf decorated with blue stripes on both sides of it. The only thing that is missing in the knotted fringes (tzitzit) attached to its four corners.

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Saturday in Pashtu is called Shanbay and Hebrew, Shabbat – the holy day of the week for Jews. During Shabbat, Jews are commanded to abstain from labor and reflect. Shabbat is the Jewish symbol of loyalty for God. In Pashtu, Sabat means loyalty, and on Shanbay work is also not allowed.

Furthermore, Pashtu and Hebrew prefixes originate from the ancient Semitic language Aramaic. For example, the prefix “De” which used in Hebrew and Pashtu literature means “from” or “of.”

There are probably more common words, names and phrases between the Pashtu, which belongs to western Iranian language group, and Hebrew which belongs to west Semitic language group. And yet both groups still have much in common, as the Pashtuns originate from the lost tribes of Israel.

Watch this excerpt from the Quest for the Lost Tribes of Israel

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Yasmin Eliaz is a Master’s student in Political Science at Bar Ilan University. She specializes in Afghanistan and works as a research assistant at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Read other articles by Yasmin.

  • Sparlai

    well its a nice script but in modern technological time, trying to prove Pashtunes to be the lost Israeli tribe on some cultural resemblances is not sufficient, either you should come on from genealogy side.
    Names you have mentioned are of arabic origin not Pashtunes e.g Barak ( sparkling) actually in arabic it is Borak meaning Lighting,sparkling. Free arabic influence names are like Resham Gul, Redi Gul, Zalmai, Gul mina zar lashta etc. etc.
    You have mentioned “In Pashtu, Sabat means loyalty, and on Shanbay work is also not allowed.” but sorry to say that any such kind of practice we have not observed in cultural life but due to Islamic religion, Pashtunes do consider Friday as to be the holy day of week and avoid working.
    You have mentioned about prefix relation between hebrew and pashto but in Pashto their is hundreds of words of native indian Sanskirt Language backed by a strong gloriousGandahara civilization. Even Pashtunes winter capital name Peshawar is derived from Sanskirt word Pashpapura meaning city of flowers, which can proves that they are native indian and they never migrated from elsewhere
    I never mean to hurt you and degrade your work, I appreciate your work, please going on but what I knew, I just shared for your information.

    • YasminTheJewish .

      Thank you very much. Barak is not in Arabic though. Maybe you are right, but i wrote what i’ve heard from many Pashtun people… Thank you once again…

      • Gohar Mehsud

        Khudai is a Persian word not a Pashto One 🙂

        • YasminTheJewish .

          Dire manana

          • arzand khan

            I will give you important information about pashto language now i’m living in russia there are many foreigner living in russia of different countries, speaking russian language but not like russian but all pashton who living in russia speaking correct russian language!pashto language have many alphabet there for pashton poeple speaking every leanguage very easy!I think pashto language is a mother of languages!!!

          • YasminTheJewish .

            Mother of languages? for me Pashtu sounds like mix of Urdu, Persian, Hindu and a bit Hebrew…i mean it’s a special lanugage but i wouldn’t call it “mother of languages”

          • Faisal Obaid

            Pashu is older than Urdu, so Urdu has Pukhto words converse won’t be true.

          • Kamal Husk

            Do not jump to the conclusion that pashto is mix of Urdu,Persian,Hindi or Arabic but the opposite can be proved to be the truth. For example Gribbaan means collar in Persian & Urdu etc. Grivaan is pashto word for collar Baan is suffix in Persian means keeper but the root is exclusively of pashto origin Grivey is used only in pashto neck including neck bone likewise many other examples can be given.

          • Afghan Warrior

            Uff please read some books Urdu was made by pashtuns in India Urdu is made out of pashto farsi Arabic. And Hindi is made out of Urdu
            I can speak this lang
            Me iam also a student of Indian school

          • Afghan Warrior

            Actually Urdu is made out of Arabic pashto farsi
            By mughals who were afghans
            Mughal king also wrote a book about origin of pashtun

          • habib arez

            One son of Prophet Solomon’s (pbuh) name was Afghan, jins used to be controlled by Prophet Solomon by the permeation of God, so the son of Solomon Afghan loved jinn’s language which was Pashtu and he requested his father to learn it and he did learned it finaally. i am not sure if it is true but i heard it like that. i am Pashtun from the tribe of Sulaiman Khel (people of Solomon)

          • Arif Hadi

            I learned that it is the language of ghosts, one of son from Sulaiman A.S learned from them.

          • Yonit Gefen

            To the degree that I have been able to familarize myself with the language — only a little – I noticed a few similarities to other hybrid languages- Yiddish and Ladino and a dialect of Cherokee, First there are words that are hebrew or similar to hebrew clearly originating somewhere else and second the grammar and content can varym indcating foreign origin. Is this accurate?

        • arzand khan

          old time in pashto language GOD name (Khaloe,shaloe) it means the biggest

          • Afghan Warrior

            khudai is a Persian word
            Ya khodaia margmakon yahodddd

      • khan

        all afghan bellong to bini israil

      • khan

        all pashton belong to afhgan but all afhgan not belong to pashton all pashton belong to bini israil.

      • umarkhan

        dear jasmine u missed the biggest similarity that is tht the JEWS of madina lived in a place called KHYBER and Ali(r.a) is knwn as the Conqueror of Khyber
        The most famous place in pashtun history is known as KHYBER or the khyber agency

    • Mara Cohen

      You may wish to ask yourself why anyone who calls themselves “Pashtun” would have their language come from Arabic. There is no “P” sound in Arabic.

      • dildar

        there is…..but it has many alphabets which are niether in arabic nor in Urdu

  • Asif Afridi

    Here I’m,Asif! Yes my name meaning is hard worker or harvest!!! 😛
    Very informative column indeed and yes I know About my tribe Afridi which is actually a lost Jew Tribe!!! 🙂

    • YasminTheJewish .

      Thank you Asif jan

      • Azim khan

        Not thanks just lanat on israil they are against Muslims and pashtoons r Muslims

        • GIGfriend22

          Azim Khan…… Jews as a whole are not against Muslims… Unless their just spiteful…… Their against extremism and certain ideologies…….. Frankly the whole world is now…. Even Muslims themselves… A pillar can not stand if the foundation of theology was never righteous or understandable…. That could be said the same for Islam. And if we want to give Israel a healthy honest and happy life….. Who are you to take that away from them or why do that too yourself?

      • yassen Afzal

        Yasmin are you Muslim

      • Zeeshan Khan

        Yasmine we are israelites genetically…. But we dont support Israel rather support Palestine…
        Quran mentions Noah story
        When Noah asked God to save kanaan his son as was promised by God that his family would be exempted from the great flood, Allah replied, Oh Noah Kinas is never from you even he is your genetic son…

        Idealogies matter

    • Afghan Warrior

      Yes we are Israel

      • Jonah Lissner

        We just have to review the Hebrew and Israelis and Afghans and related people like Kurds to see the resemblance in Blood and original Religion of Abraham-Isaac-Israel. This even extends into Africa and Arabia in Sudan, Ethiopia, Yemen and Somalia before the church and arabs advanced.

        Besides when have the Pashtun or Kurds ever been idol worshippers like other nations near them??

        • Afghan Warrior

          No …I don’t know about Kurds but afghans never worshiped idols like Hindus ..
          Pashtuns become Muslim during time of prophet Mohammad (s.a.w)

          • Muhammad Farooq Hayat

            very well said afghan warrior,, thats what i keep telling people who liken themselves to be or aryan origin,,, our fore fathers never kept thier head on the ground in front of a stone idol,, i am proud of being called a bani israel

          • javid badshah khan

            Jews aren’t beni Israel I always tell them but they think Israel means judiesm lol

        • dildar

          pashtun have never been idol worshiper in their whole history….one reason to accepting islam was its close resemblance to what they were already practicing

        • HUMA Yousafzai

          i am RAHMAN ULLAH yousafzai from yousafzai tribe of Pashtun .as u say about worshippers, so i say with proper proves that pashtun are not idol worshippers like other nations near them. b/c pashtun are on the Religion of islam our old books prove that,, as u read the 5000 year old book of a pashtu poet has name is AMEER KARORO from his poetry it,s clear that we are strong believer of ALLAH and prophets , their is a lot of other proves i am not going on much detail,, but i am agree with that pashtun are Jewish,, as a molecule biologist work in center for human genetics we have a project on pashtun ethnic groups of KPK Pakistan so we have DNA base findings.

    • yassen Afzal

      Iam Zadrans but we’re from kalarni were his decendants were afghan we use Khuday pak

    • Waqas Khan Hazarvi

      I am from Lodi tribe. I guess, we ruled Delhi for sometime.

      • GIGfriend22

        Waqas Khan Hazarvi…… If you fall under the 12 tribes of Israel…… Then great ….If not…… Well interesting bit of history none the less.

    • GIGfriend22

      Asif Afridi…… I am so happy that you take interest and fascination in your culture….. As a Christian I rejoice with this… Because this is what we want as well…. We want the tribes of Israel to learn everything…..Everything about their culture and which has been lost to them through wars, and religious deception by extremist… Learn the Torah….Learn the Christian bible….. Learn what make us similar, and what makes us different….. Then no one shall deceive you because you would have done the research yourself. As Jesus said……”Seek and you shall find….. Knock and the door will be open to you.”

      • Zeeshan Khan

        We have Quran. The last and final scripture of God that exempted from corruption and temper as n case of Torah and bible

        • GIGfriend22

          Zeeshan Khan…. If the Quran is the final word of God….. Why is it destroying its followers so perfectly??? And not redeeming them or giving them salvation….. If Quran is the final word of God then that’s a sad final….. Thankfully Jesus never prophesied about Mohammed…… So we take are final word in Christ…… Which is sooooo much better and more hopeful and wonderful for the world.

  • fazal aryan

    The word khudai is not a pashtu word plz make correction its … Sakhtan or sashtan in pashtu

    • YasminTheJewish .

      Some of the Pashtuns use it..

      • Afra Bangashov

        My family uses this word. Khudaya = Khluay = God
        (Khloy-chey = God Willing –> most common expression)
        I’m half Afridi / half Bangash

        • YasminTheJewish .

          Wow, cool!

      • Syed al masoodii

        Yeah I’m Mehsud(maseed) we use khudai” for god”Allah

        • Afghan Warrior

          Actually we all do

          • YasminTheJewish .

            dire manana.

    • Dawood Khan

      It’s correct.

    • Afghan Warrior

      Pashtun use word khudai means God

    • Afghan Warrior

      Actually this word is used in both pashtu and farsi

  • ab

    Sparlai, who told you that pashtuns are Indians. they are all afghan.

    • YasminTheJewish .

      Well those Pasthuns from Pakistan would never agree with you on that..

      • Malaika Harris

        Pashtuns aren’t Indian. The term “Afghan” itself is just the Persian word for Pashtun, so all Pashtuns are technically Afghan. Whether Pakistani Pashtuns want to admit that or not is a different story, though.

        • KHAN

          Afghan is not a persian word but the Son of the 37th King of Israel(Qais later Qais Abdur Rashid). The Name of the son was Malik Afghan and all Pashtuns are descent of Qais Abdur Rashid. We Are not persians. Look to the persians. They are Fahash but Pakhtuns are Strong Islamist like Strong jews. Stubborned People like jews

          • Rahmi

            I agreed with KHAN, look into how they tend to be so stubborn in many cases of life, I conclude that they are related with each other

          • Afghan Warrior

            That’s what I said they never read history pashtoons are proven to be beni Israel from Islamic history

        • KHAN

          Persians were fire worshipers and zoroastrianisms but Pakhtuns were believing one God before and now they also believing only one God.

          I suggest you a site with a name “Qais Abdur Rashid” and you will understand. Thanks

        • YasminTheJewish .

          Thank you Malaika

          • Umer Siddique

            Today i will tell u about one of most famous person who is great hpilospher and professor of history and sheikh ul quran and other islamic subject also he proved about his own history that how pashtoo r bani israeil. i m going to write his name and father and so on………
            sheikh ul Quran Maulana MuhammadTtahir his father Gholam nabi ,his father Asif Khan and his father Hazrat Noor and his father KHAWAJA NOR and his father ZABITA KHAN and his father HIZAR KHAN and his father ASIF KHAN and his father ABBA KHAN and his father YOUSAF KHAN and for ten period his history going to QAIS ABDU RASHEED WHO WAS THE SUPREME LEADER OF PASHTOON AND WHO IMBRACED ISLAM BY PROFIT MUHAMMAD PBUH.AND BY THIS SUPREME LEADER OF PASHTOONS ALL EMBRACED ISLAM.
            And QAIS ABU RASHEED after some period it goes to grand father AFHAN who was prime minister with king profit suloman also.and after periods AFGHAN going to touch the sons of messenger of God ALLAH
            HAZRAT YAQOOB and yaqoob from messenger of God ALLAH HAZRAT ISHAQ who also known as ISAACC.AND ISAAC [ ISHAQ] IS THE SON OF MESSENGER ABRAHAM [ IBRAHIM ]
            SO its prove that by my knowledge and the history which i read that pasthoon BANI ISRAIL .but alhamdolillah by bblessing of ALLah all pasthoons r muslim.
            sorry for all those people f some get hurt from my comments.
            thanks all of u.

          • Ra’anan

            The Torah is forever. Pashtuns stood at Mount Sinai & accepted the Torah DIRECTLY from G-d! No prophet can contradict G-d. All Pashtuns who are Bani Israel are obligated to keep the Torah, it was given forever.

      • arzand khan

        sparlai!he dont have information aboute pashton afghan bani israil

      • Afghan Warrior

        Actually part of Pakistan were pashtun live belongs to Afghanistan country was divided by British to weaken Afghanistan
        The Durrandline u will find about it on youtube

      • Afghan Warrior

        They can’t change the history also me I’m from fata Pakistan …..

      • Muhammad Farooq Hayat

        i am a pashtoon from pakistan, and i am a pashtoon before anything else and i one hundred percent claim myself to be of israeli origin

  • Exploring Language

    Some of those words you think are Pashto are actually from Persian and Urdu. Besides, you say that Hebrew and Pashto belong to two different language families which makes possibility of Pashtuns being former Jews even remoter.

    • YasminTheJewish .

      Yup, but that’s my point, that though they both from different families they still have some samilarities. Words as?…

      • Faisal Obaid

        Urdu is much younger to Pashto, so Urdu has Pashto words converse is not true.

    • Afghan Warrior

      Urdu is made out of pashto Arabic. Farsi (Persian)
      By afghan mughals

    • Ra’anan

      Remoteness of language is not an issue. The majority of American Jews have forgotten Hebrew, that makes them no less Jewish.


    ONE PASHTUN RESEARCHER WROTE- ”When first migration from iraq they were settle in Swat of khyber pakhtunkhwa. When they settled in swat they were celebrating sibt they other people call them sibati.. The b and w is alway change in pashto. So the sibat b was changed into w and the word sibat was changed into swat. It is now the area swat is in control of afriham…and menashe controlling present Mansehra”…ALSO SAID[CANT FIND QUOTE-SHABBAT DAY IN PASHTU IS KHAALI?[FORGOT] MEANING-BLANK DAY, NO WORK DAY… ALSO- ”listen the meaning of khan is wandering person,nomadic,having no home it is persian word later on its meaning change the Hero the prince the lord (change meaning due to their settlement) and than mrs of khan became khanam. Khana is used for Home.

    • Afghan Warrior

      Khan is title. Given to pashtoons by Indians for there bravery

      • Muhammad Farooq Hayat

        thank you for endorsing my point brother, i just wrote that to ISRAERL in my reply to his comment. orignal pashtoon title of elderly status is malak, once again a hebrew title, malak taloot is better known in worldly history as king saul

    • Muhammad Farooq Hayat

      khan is not pashtun traditional name or title, khan is mongolian title which literally means the owner, administrator, governor, refer to the mongolian word khanate which means province, the orignal title of kahan was lost to the pashtoons in the turbulence of history and khan was adopted as an imported title given by mughals or invading turks who themselves were related to mongols,, even today there one can find some isolated individual with the name kahan, dayan, israel etc

  • Jonah Lissner


    In synopsis after the Medean peoples and Persian peoples of circa 600 BCE destroyed the Assyrian empire, Israeli people who had been exiled could restore their communication across the region from the Indus to the Nile River. At that time the regional powers vied for control of that geographical area of Western Asia and Northeast Africa.

    It is very likely the Israelites mentioned in the Book of Esther and other sources continued their observance of that form of Torah, and are the basis for the continuation of the peoples of West and South Asia that claim or possess some or full ancestry from Israelites including Pashtun, Kashmiris, Kurds and others. One of the important languages of the Achaemenid Empire was Aramaic, spoken by Israelites as well as Hebrew.

    If one considers the number of locations of cities and fortifications along the Silk Route/Asian Trade Route the practical explanation for the relocation of the Israelite tribes, the legends of Tobit and Saul. Subsequent additions over centuries from Alexandrians and Parthian-era Israelite and Jewish migrations among the many other peoples of the region, strengthens the fairly contiguous migration and sustaining of Torah and Israelite socioculture.

    The expansion of Islam at the Khyber region began through Kais, a major Pashtun elder who according to legend chose to advance Islam due to its similarities to the early Torah of the purported Pashtun-Israelite “Bani Israel” exiles, or those Pashtun who are of some or partial Israelite ancestry, and not all contemporary Afghan nationals, regardless of South Asian territorial claims.



    • YasminTheJewish .

      Toda Lissner !

  • rakeshkapila

    Another common Jewish name of the name of a large Pashtun tribe called Yousefzai.
    Named after Yousef a historical biblical Jewish name, meaning sons of Yousef.

    • Afghan Warrior

      Afridi.,masuze,leshirze this were the name of three brothers
      Afridi masuze leshirze are biggest tribes in Fata
      Me iam lisherzai

  • Muslim khan

    Its true khudai is Pushto name & we belive we are Bani Israel

    • GIGfriend22

      Muslim Khan can you explain why some people believe your lanague are from the Jinns??? That the Jinns gave you this lanague…

  • Darmaan Khan

    I really appreciate Miss Yasmin partly for her interest and research on Pakstoons and partly due to my personal attachment with this name as i have great respect for the word YASMIN in heart. I have my post graduation degree in History and i have read there something interesting in Torah about the PAKHT tribe of the Jewish people which according to the book, migrated towards the east. May be it have arrived to the area now home of the Pakhtoons. And the proof is that there is still a last Jewish Afghan/Pakhtoon living in Kabul selling “kebab”. one thing more for your amazement that we in Swat including many other agricultural areas of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa when transplant nursery (specially the paddy/rice sapling) from one field to another, that is called NAHAL in Pashto while this word also have the same meaning in Hebrew. Beside, there are much more similarities and common things between the two but let me clear it that Pukhto or Pashto language is not so much impressed from Hebrew as it is from Armenian, Persian and Sanskirt despite the fact that mostly Pashto words generally end on “ai” like agai (egg), abai (grandma) or “ay” like naray (thin), shpelay (whistle) or “ra” like gora! (look), pa zora (adv.. with force), tora(adj, a black feminine word) etc and jewish language has also lot of words ending in the same way like “Disapora” (exile) etc . Pakhtoon pepole also have names like israel, mekael, is’haq, khyber, binyamin A Jewish tribe is Eshkenazi while a Pakhtoon tribe living in Mianwali is called Niazi. Pakhtoons unlike the jewish are also fond of conspiracies and plots and are always involved in fighting against one another. Nowa s far as theory about the origin of the Pakhtoons is concerned, basically there are three dominant theories the first one of which is THE BANI ISRAELITE THEORY, then THE ARMENIAN and THE MIXED RACES THEORY. The final one is widely acceptable.

    But time changes and it in turn changes much more. As far as Hebrew and Jewish people are concerned, they are acceptable and have the same right of survival but for me, the zionist and illegal, robbed and stolen state of Israel is never and never acceptable that has been built on the bones of innocent Palestinians. I am sorry that this will really hurt Yasminin and many others but it is a bitter fact that a neutral futute historian will neither forget nor forgive.

    • moshe

      The way you treat zionist liberation mouvement is an alteration of history
      jews come back to the land theg belong to. An israeli-pashtun federation will appear and jews and pashtuns -who are One people will travel freely and live bothlt in israel and pashtunistan
      religion will not separate us
      Israel was never built on inbocent bones
      israel does not belong to arabs.
      it has to be said that lart of nowdays palestinians are hebrew that were converted to islam

      • Muhammad Farooq Hayat

        israel is the land of the pure and the bani israel that is we, are the pure of the purest, even quran has mentioned that the israel are the favoured nation of Allah so then why do people deny them the right even to live peacefully,, i pray that boht the present israelis and the lost, that is we, be rejoined and live happily instead of hating each other only for wahabi/takfiri money’s sake

      • Israel Cohen

        It’s true the pashtuns are the ten lost tribe

        • Jamal Al-Afghani

          These kids look aryan, not jews. Red har is NOT a semitic and jewish trait.

          • Ra’anan

            How do you know? Arabs are colonialists from ARABIA, how do you know what was in the REST of the Middle East before Arabs stole other lands? In fact, there are new genetic studies that say (SURPRISE) that red hair comes from…the Middle East (!!!) & not Ireland. Things aren’t as simple & black & white as you think. Also, not the appearance of Yazidi people & they have remained genetically isolated for hundreds of years. They look similar to Pashtuns.

        • YasminTheJewish .

          מעולה!! 🙂

        • dildar

          typical pashtun faces

        • GIGfriend22

          So why do you kill your brothers? Just like you did with the messiah……How do you think they shall feel about that? Do you think they are going to go running too Israel??

    • Mara Cohen

      And some of us never left, despite the Romans. My Family was in Hebron until 1929, when the Mufti of Jerusalem incited butchery. Ours was a Zionist Mizrahi Family, and was therefore killed, good friends amongst the Arab Muslims saved my Grandma, but her little sister was raped, and was never healthy again. What Zionism means is that you support the Sovereignty and Self Determination of the Jewish People in the Ancient Homeland. It was not the Jews who started the Wars, and it was provably the Arab Leadership that chose what we all have to deal with today. I am not now, and have never been an Arab Supremacist. Simply because you are Arab doesn’t mean you get to rule all the Lands. That is difficult for many Arabs to accept, and many Europeans and Americans do not realize that not all the Peoples in the MENA Region are Arabs. 96% of the old Ottoman Sultanate was handed off to Arabs to rule post WW1, and frankly, that should be enough. They ran out all the Jews from those Lands…and stole everything, as well as doing killing. So the Jews went home. And home we shall stay. There are Arab Christians and Muslims who live in Israel, and are in fact Israeli. They rule themselves within their religions, as do the Jews, otherwise Israel is very secular. You know you are in the Jewish State, but you be what you want to be. It is all the crazoid fundamentalists from all the religions that make it a major misery for folks just to live, and do not get me started on what Fatah and Hamas do to their own folks.

    • Ra’anan

      You must never forgive the “PALESTINIANS!” The Torah says that G-d took us (JEWS AND PASHTUNS) out of slavery in Egypt to Mount Sinai to receive the Torah. G-d did this in the presence of more than 3,000,000 people, including your ancestors. G-d commanded them to keep the Torah FOREVER, you have NO right to abandon it. “Palestinians” are not mentioned in the Torah or Quran, but Israelites are! Here are some Quranic verses regarding this: 10:93 We settled the Children of Israel in a beautiful dwelling-place, and provided for them sustenance of the best: it was after knowledge had been granted to them.
      17:104 And We said thereafter to the Children of Israel, “Dwell securely in the land of promise”
      7:137 And We made the children of Israel , who were considered weak (and of no account), inheritors of lands in both east and west, – lands whereon We sent down Our blessings. The fair promise of thy Lord was fulfilled for the Children of Israel, because they had patience and constancy…
      20:80 O ye Children of Israel! We delivered you from your enemy, and We made a Covenant with you to give you the right side (the blessed side) of Mount Sinai , and We sent down to you Manna (special food) and quails.
      32.23] And certainly We gave the Book to Moses, so be not in doubt concerning the receiving of it, and We made it a guide for the children of Israel . [32.24] And We made of them Guiding Lights and leaders to guide by Our command as they were patient, and they were certain of Our communications.
      45:16 We did aforetime grant to the Children of Israel the Book the Power of Command, and Prophet hood; We gave them, for Sustenance, things good and pure; and We favoured them above all other nations.
      44: 32 And We have chosen them (the Children of Israel) above the ‘Alamîn (mankind) and our choice was based on a deep knowledge.
      [17:104] And we said to the Children of Israel afterwards, ” scatter and live all over the world…and when the end of the world is near we will gather you again into the Promised Land”.

  • Faisal Obaid

    ISRAERL is right Satureday/sibat is Khali.

  • Faisal Obaid

    The fermented bread (kulcha, and “Tanoor Dodai”) we eat is almost like hallot

  • Faisal Obaid

    We don’t drink milk with or immediately after (fish) meat

    • Afghan Warrior

      We don’t eat fish

  • Faisal Obaid

    We still have a custom that if a man dies his widow and one of deceased’s brother are obliged to marry each other.

  • Faisal Obaid

    Many of us add a tinge of “KH” while pronouncing HA

  • Faisal Obaid

    The Shawls we were has loose threads at fringes we call it zundee are infact Tzit-Tzit

    • YasminTheJewish .

      You are totally right.

  • Khattak

    I am a pashtun of the Khattak tribe of Pakistan and we use Khudai!!!

    • yassen Afzal

      Ur not paki tribe your tribe is in afghan land but controlled over pakis

    • YasminTheJewish .

      dire manana.

  • Amiel Khan

    shalom to our distant cousins from land of Israel, i would like to make few points very clear here with all due respect. the name patan is also mentioned in the bible or pakhtoon, and secondly the pakhtoons do not belong to the current location of israel however, we belong to bani Ishaq (ban-e-israel). pashtoons are semetic ppl which means they are cousins to arabs and they come from Ismail and pashtoons come from Bani Yaqub, from whom bani-israelis also come. and another thing is that Bible does not talk about the time, because in some places the dates are not accurate. the ancestors of the pashtoons who are old semetic and belong to israelite tribes, left area of Mesopotomia which is current day iraq and iran and partly syria. they were nomadic ppl and migrated to east, due infighting, wars, drought and hostile kingdoms. they came and settled between eastern part of persian empire and india. the pashtoon ppl believed in one God then, thousands of years before Islam, because they belonged to the family of prophets. these ppl have always faught the persian, greeks, mongols, indians, arabs, sometimes were defeated and sometimes were winners, but one thing was very clear they have created their own empire here, kept marrying among thier own tribes, and with the passage of the time they forgot about Torah, but the oral tradition, history is still alive for thousands of years. the only thing that was left is Pashtowali, which is way of life, faith, behaviour, custom and honor. pashtoon ppl faught islam initially for 250 years, but a later accepted it as it had resemblance to thier old semetic faith, and it is known here till date, that Pashtoons accepted half of the Quran and the other half is Pashtoonwali. in many cases they will honor pashtoonwalii more than Quran.
    now linguisticlly aramic was administrative language from Greece up till india including the persian empire. eventually arabic and hebrew came from aramic language. subsequently from these semetic languages which have influenced the persian language, pashto, and many other languages in the area. we have to remember that thousands years ago the persian language did not have alphabets but borrowed its alphabets from aramic. the proof is that in the historical sites of the persian empire you will never find a single alphabet from current persian alphabets. therefore, pashto, dari, arabic, and hebrew have alot in common because they originated from aramic language, which was the language of prophets. More later Shalomalikum and da khudai paman

    • YasminTheJewish .

      Thank you for your reply. Very formative.

      • Shah Yousafzai

        How far the theory that pushtuns are Israelites is popular in Israel?
        and on that basis is Zionist willing to pull out pushtun from the quagmire they are caught in?

        • GIGfriend22

          Shah Yousafzai….. Hi and shalom… In answer to your question is its semi popular… Some Jews knows about this theory… Are they willing to pull Pashtuns out from the country they are in…. Well that’s a lot more complicated… I guess one would have to ask how willing are Pashtuns to accept that the Jews are there brothers.. And perhaps give up being a Muslim….? If they are not willing to do that…. Then its safe to say Jews will not be willing to risk Muslims coming into their country…. Possibly having extreme ideologies that are not Jewish based, or terrorist attacks.. Since they already are dealing with Hamas and Hezbollah… Another thing is to go through the healing processes of Forgiveness that you have been fighting your brother for so long…. It really dose have to come down to Pashtuns having a serious passionate hard-core awakening, and leaving being a Muslim, and totally re inventing themselves into Judaism… Total Conversion… Not Jews and Not Christains can force that upon them…. It has to come from them.

    • Muhammad Farooq Hayat

      the word pathan is out of the arabic word batan, when qais baba went to meet the Prophet Muhammad {PBUH} qais baba told the blessed prophet that i know that you are the true mesenger of God but my tradition forces me to confirm by asking you 3 questions which my elders have been passing on through generations to generations as they were told that a righteous prophet will arrive and he will correctly answer these questions. when qais baba got the correct answer from the blessed prophet, he read the kalima forthwith and accepted islam. the prophet {PBUH} then kept his hand on qais baba’s head and gave the basharat to qais baba that your people will be the “bataan” of Allah’s true religion,, bataan word literally means the central spar of a boat which holds the boat togather, in time, the word bataan was transformed into pataan and rhymed somewhat with pashtoon and is now in common use

      • Taqveem Ul Haq

        Dear sir
        Why are you always trying to be isralic? Maybe our forefathers should relate somewhat from that origin but what now?? And what’s the proof of your being an Israeli? The genetic mach doesn’t sound better because if you match the genes of pashtoon of balouchistan with irani people then it will match with a good accuracy! Similarly if you match the genes of pashtoon with hazara, uzbak, and hindko speakers etc then also the accuracy will be good!! I’m the pashtoon and my grand father has sayed that our family descended from banuhashim! Banuhashim I don’t know much but were the descendent of ismail a.s and bani israil! So what is its benefit now to me? My forefathers were great but why is This Israel present state making this genetic matchup about pashtoons???

        • Ra’anan

          Because the prophets of the Torah said that the 10 Lost Tribes (Pashtuns) will return & be reunited with the rest of the Jewish people at the end of days, so heads up.

          • Qazi Taqveem Ul Haq

            Black standards will come from Khorasan, nothing shall turn them back until they are planted in Jerusalem.

            Source: Sunan At-Tirmidhi 2269
            The people of my Household will face calamity, expulsion and exile after I am gone, until some people will come from the east carrying black banners. They will ask for something good but will not be given it. Then they will fight and will be victorious, then they will be given what they wanted, but they will not accept it and will give leadership to a man from my family.

            Source: Sunan Ibn Majah 4082

            The hadith say from Khurasaan( present day Pakistan , Afghanistan and some part of Iran ) some people will raised with black flags and they will be the army if Imaam mehdi after that . Now the place Khurasaan which is mentioned are Pashtoon containing areas .
            Secondly do you have any prove that pashuns are from lost 10 tribes ?

          • Ra’anan

            Black flaggers may be planted in Jerusalem, but they may also very well realize that as the Children of Isaac, they are Jews & return to Judaism. The evidence of Bani Israel roots are available from Nadav Sofy who is conducting very extensive research, you can probably find him on Facebook.

  • Afghan Warrior

    The word Taliban is a pashto word which means students
    After soviet afghan war the went through a civil war it was that time when Taliban came into being and tolk control of afgh
    They are not terrorist

    • YasminTheJewish .

      Taliban are not terrorists?!

      • Afghan Warrior

        They might be terrorist for you ……
        But not for us ..
        You talk about peace seriously i think its you american who don’t want peace you destroyed our country ..
        World war 1n2 Vietnam Iraq etc and you talk about peace

  • abaseen yusafzai

    I am belongs to yosafzai tribe before Islam our tribe name was yosafzai from where this name come from ? Someone answer me plzzz.

    • Jonah Lissner

      Shalom Aleichem Abaseen, Taqveem and Benjamin-Mahmdzai

      Yosofzai means Sons of Joseph in English or Bni Yosef in Hebrew or Bani Yusuf in Arab’s language. As I understand the Solomon’s people built stations across Silk Road to Kashmir and southern India from Israel, Yemen, Ethiopia and they kept communications for many centuries brother that is the origin of Bani Israel and Royal Afghans.

      • Umer Siddique

        the world khuda still we r using n our speach but this world came among us before islam and u can know about this world n history of pashtoon and its also declare about few famous people who tolk n voice of america pashtoo radio by sardar ali takkar and raj wali shah .

    • golkhasan

      yousafzai is a Median tribe and close to Kurds and Baloch

    • Muhammad Farooq Hayat

      yousafzai literally means the sons of yousaf,, in pashto zwey means son and the yousafzai’s are direct descendants of hazrat yousaf aleh as’salam

  • eeekhu

    Quite possible
    May be the Right children of Israel who never deviated from the faith. So, therefore all Pashtuns are Muslims.

    • YasminTheJewish .

      I guess the Pashtuns were those who devited from Judaism.

      • Jonah Lissner

        Mazel Tov Yasmin!!!

      • Zee Man

        Yasmin@ I agree with you, i am from Khattak tribe, my father told me that our forefathers were Jewish. If we Pashtuns are children of Isreal ,then Isreal shoud allow us to come to our land, like it allows any jews to come to Isreal. your thoughts please, and Shalom.

        • Ra’anan

          Zee Man, our prophets say that that day will come (when the Pashtuns/the 10 Lost Tribes) will reunite.

  • Khushal khan

    It is true we both nations are from lineage, the sons of Jacob the bani isreal but we pashtoons will and have shown the greatest of resistance to the cruel zionist plans jews have harmed the pashtoons(Afghanistan),indeed are brethens(jews of isreal)have gone astray.May god have mercy upon Pashtoons and the muslim ummah!

    • YasminTheJewish .

      This has nothing to do with it, Khushal Khan. Only G-d knows who’s the right here

      • Or Ergas

        Shalom lost brothers . I am also a Jew from Israel, my name is or. I am very excited to know you. I believe you are truly from the lost tribes. I tank God that waches over you all this long time, and pray that he will bring you home to your true land soon. Pls don’t be mad at me wen I say I believe Muslims have made you confused a little, the land of Israel is first of all the land of God and it is his command that we shall live in it. He saved us from Egypt and took all of us to Israel. “Palestin” is a lie! There never was a nation named palestines? Look at history records! The land of Israel was a wilderness, empty ! Just like the profets Said, she waited to us to come home! And only naw she is like a garden. And she and we are missing you too. May God bless and protect you.

        • YasminTheJewish .

          תודה נשמה!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • dildar

          shalom brothers not lost! u Jews are discovering it now ,but our forefathers have been telling it since long….and our 1st history book in 16th century compiled on the orders of Indian Emperor Babar,who took the throne from Afghans(Lodhi tribe,cousins of yousafzai) which traced many of them to king Saul….we are as proud of ourselves as u people are and we are proud taht we are Israelites & still more proud over the fact that Allah gifted us the most fresh version of Abrahemic religion.

          • GIGfriend22

            Dildar….. So lets get this straight…. You have known yourself to be Jews all this time… Choose to fellow a man named Mohammed……Forsaking much of your Abrahamic ideologies… While Mohammed was suposto be of presumably from the line of Ishmael… Which was an exiled and somewhat cursed line. Since God banished him from the family, and said… “The world will be against your hand, and your hand shall be against the WORLD!!!! ” And now Mohammed teaches you to hate your own brother….. And too kill them through out the Quran……..Till Judgment day………WOW!!! not only do you people SUCK!! but you seriously need Jesus.

  • Diablo Afghan Hounds

    I am from the Afghan Royal Family of King Amanallah…my family migrated to San Francisco in the early 1980’s to flee the “World Power Propaganda”….my parents met in Cali, I was born in Walnut Creek in 88 and discovered my history because of a nightclub in Las Vegas-Drai’s by Victor Drai.

    As I became family with everyone, “Khuda/God” exposed the truth of the World and what really happened….

    We are from the Tribe of Benjamin “Mahmadzai” and we are well aware of “The Lost Tribes of Israel Prophecy”.

    I have connected with the most powetful Jewish people in the World, who all agree it is time the TRUTH comes out.

    Israel must come out of the closet and Tell the World about Afghana.

    • Mohib popal

      I’m also related to you in another line of the Abdali tribe.the Popalzai.I agree with you 100% zinda abad..

  • Taqveem Ul Haq

    What does it means by yousafzai? And what’s the origination of yousafzai people?

    • Muhammad Farooq Hayat

      yousafzai is out of yousaf zway,, means sons of yousaf, our elders till two generations ago were considered akhun if they knew how to speak persian and hebrew, later on akhuns included those who cud speak arabic as well but orignally akhuns were supposed to know the two langauges mention before arabic, we consider ourselves as direct descendants of hazrat yousaf aleh as’salam

  • khyberwatch19 .

    Yes we are Bani Israel and we follow the last and final prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, who was foretold in th Tora and Bible. And for the sake of your eternity, you children of Benyamin, Levi and Yehuda should also become Muslims

    • Ra’anan

      The only thing is that the Torah is forever which means ALL Bani Israel must keep it. That means keeping shabbath & kosher & much more.

  • Bangakh

    I am Turi Bangash from border area. I seldom mix english urdu etc with pashto. But my parents speak same old fashioned pure pashto. Some words ar your disposal,

    Wrasta sha = Go back, get back
    Sobayl = morning
    Makham = evening
    Gaeez = early morning
    Gowakhay = alone
    Samla = Sleep
    Khossa = hole
    Khrach = bite ( take a bite from my apple)
    Mateeza = used for lazy girls, lazy girls
    Orbal = the small head hairs come above eyes
    Shpa = evening
    Tervey = jogurt drink
    Kowach = butter
    Molga = salt
    Ghoskai = bull
    Patai = farm field
    Mandata = apricots
    Maraa = apple
    Nauk = pear
    Lewanai = crazy or mad
    Sartoray = without head cover like shawl or hat
    Shpig shala = 120
    Saadra = cutting first hairs of babies after 2 months of his/her birth with feast and prayers
    Shpoon = shepherd
    And many more

    Yes, we still light candles on every thursday . we sacrifice black sheep or any color sheeps when we are in really big issues, troubles or in a series of harsh accidents and things not working the way it should.

    We circumcise kids in 8 days. The safe place for our enemy is our home. I.e. pashtunwali. Never forgive and never forget is another rule. One thing more i noted, we are best of the best friends for any culture, religion and race. Mutual respect is something i have been taught when i was a kid.

    Thats all.

    You be the judge and find similarities.:)

    • YasminTheJewish .

      Thank you!! could you please write me your facebook or email?

  • Jāe

    When seen from a religious perspective – the whole worlds humanity derived from the first human being, namely Adam. So, why is it so important for (especially religious jews) to confirm this? I get and understand the educational purpose – however, it seems as if those netizens who discuss this online are not doing it in order to educate themselves – but rather to satisfy their hunger for something else instead… what they are hungry for is the ultimate concern. With that said, let´s share some info:

    Pashtoons do not share same ethnic origin just like Afghans do not share the same origin. The pashtoons lifestyle, language and ancestry is around 8000 years old (this number only what the anthropological research has proven – the civilizations may even be as far as 50 000 years old). However, the Bani-Israeli theory claims the lost tribe of Israel might be the ancestors of todays pashtoons. However – if the story is even the slightest true – then they were simply mixed into the pashtoon civilization, only in the seventh century. So claiming that pashtoons are the lost tribe of Israelites is far-fetched indeed.

    The pashtoons are mixed people (perhaps they weren’t always seeing as their history traces back at least 8000 years), and you might find Israeli genes there as much as those of Greek, Macedonian and even African. This is evident since their land is located in the heart of the world, historically always been easily accessible through the silk road, and most enticingly being the richest land by far in almost every cultivating aspect. Hands down, it´s not shocking that Afghans (including the pashtoons) are a mix breed when people from all over the world (even Africans who came as slaves) have settled in that land throughout history, let alone Temujin, Alexander and Zaratosht who was born there.

    Most pashtoons believe that the needed pillars of becoming a real pashtoon is not gained through geneology/bloodline, but rather through a state of mind. This means that a pashtoon-born can easily lose his/her honorific epithet as a ‘pashtoon’ or ‘pashtana’ if his/her mind is not susceptible to the codes that comes with it – namely the pashtunwali. How piously you follow your pashtoonwali is the only decree that decides how much of a pashtoon you really are. Bloodlines or whether your mother was a pashtoon has nothing to do with it (unlike the jews way of defining jewish roots).

    The concept Pasthunwali, literally ”Ways of the Pashtoon” and their codes of conduct are mentioned in the earliest ancient texts almost 8000 years ago by neighboring civilizations. The word ārya was used to describe these people by how they lived. It’s quite interesting way of life (although it seems to be almost extinct nowadays due to influences from other ideologies and philosophies). There’s plenty of info on pashtoonwali online which will explain you the pillars such as ‘nanawati’ and ‘badal’ that are a must in a pashtoon home. The earliest evidence ever recorded were texts in Sanskrit and Avestan which described the pashtoon people as ‘A notorious people of noble conduct’ – a people who were ruled by none and had their own laws each tribe were to follow.

    Āryans were never a race like most morons believe – it was a name given to certain civilizations in todays India and Afghanistan – the earliest āryans were from India, then the pashtoons were given that name and later (after the persians invaded both pashtoon and indian lands, and Cyrus defeating Babylonia etc) – some persians adapted that name further. Although, it should be noted that the name ārya was never given to the persians like it was given to the pashtoons. The persians simply adapted that name on themselves because of the meaning of the word which is ‘Noble’. There’s no evidence that persians were seen as noble people by the people of the ancient scripts in ancient India. But, the Persian Empire was growing, and the persian scholars who travelled across borders both gave away, and took with them knowledge across these borders. They were doctrines of that time and even changed borders on maps they drew. All in the name of attaining the image of a ‘Great’ empire. Most empires that cultivated in erudition did this to scare the neighboring countries of their size, knowledge and power. Due to illiteracy amongst the locals – empires got away with drawing maps according to their selfinterest. It’s amazing how empires of that time managed to fool the common man then – and how the allied nations of today manages to fool the common man today.

    When the Arabs came, many fought off the new religion for up to 200+ years (the most notorious man known for this is Babak the great), before finally succumbing to Islam. However, even today – if you ask a pashtoon to identify himself – he will say ‘I am a pashtoon’ first and then ‘I am a Muslim’ – which basically means that even todays pashtoons will follow their pashtunwali first before applying sharialaws into their lives. So technically, Islam or the arabs never won the hearts of the pashtoons – and neither did the Bani-Israeli Jews that went there in the seventh century.

    So, you can theorize that the tribe of Yousefzai is one of the lost tribes of Israel and the Afridis have a mix of greek blood in them – however, it’s wrong to say all Pashtoons decend from Israelites. Even pashtoons themselves through generations have never really noted their true origin. This can only mean that their civilization is so ancient – that none of the elders can even remember stories being told of their great-great-great++++ ancestors´ origin. It goes so further back in time that it remains untraceable. So even if the Bani-Israeli theory is true – and the yousefzai tribe is the evidence – still they adapted into the pashtunwali – rather than the other way around, meaning their jewish lifestyle died when they became pashtoons. It’s a prominent factor cause there are no clear similarities between those two traditions – except from perhaps both being extremely proud people.

    So, for the similarities in the linguistic and cultural parts you mention – The Bani-Israeli theory fails tremendously here as well. Never have I heard or read anywhere that they consider Saturday as the day to relax and not work or that they light candles (where the hell does that info come from?), and, the term God is of course not Khuday in pashto/pukhto, although many pashtoons use it. The ancient pashto language is a bit different than pashto spoken today – almost no-one knows it fully anymore. Originating from Indo-european, with similarities to the Avestan and Bactrian language but infiltrated and influenced by Arabic, Persian and Hindi languages… it’s foolish to think it won’t have any similarities with the Hebrew language as well (although very very few words). All these languages derive from one another at some point and will have multiple similarities. The more time passes by – the less differences in languages will show because humans are constructed to adapt by the laws of nature.

    The topic here is a thesis material. It’s non-informative to discuss it on a blog really. This will only make people more confused. Pashtoons are the most stubborn, hard-knocked, ‘brave to the spine’ who almost sees themselves as ‘Gods’ people I have ever come across. Temujin was astonished and instead of fighting these people, he left his own men and women at their care instead. The Brits were humiliated twice before finally shitting out ‘Pakistan’ right after WW2 as their final solution/weapon to control/or have a hearsay in that territory and on those people. Alexander wished he’d never come to lands of the lions. The Russians cried back home and today they laugh at the yanks who after a decade – still don’t get who they’re up against.

    Pashtoons will follow no one, live for no one, and eventually die by their own hands…. a truly mesmerizing ethnic group which always leaves me in bewilderment. You are of course entitled to write whatever you want online – I just hope sane people won’t take your word for it without doing intensive research – which is seriously needed in this case. Peace!!

    • aftab ahmed khan

      Yes you are right. Pashtoons are one of the proudest people on earth. Your writing is the most Informative and reasonable. Good work.

    • YasminTheJewish .

      Thank you. But some evidence do confirmed the saturday issue, as well the candles issue.

      “Most pashtoons believe that the needed pillars of becoming a real pashtoon”- we the Jewish people also believe in it. There are some amazing points you wrote, But some of them are just not correct, because as i wrote earlier- and you may find it as well at the comments here. Thank you very much anyway. R u Pathan?

    • Ra’anan

      Jae, our ancient prophets say that the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel will reunite with the rest of the Jewish people in the end of days. Whoever is Jewish among the Pashtuns will rejoin, something will make it happen. So far, there are about 50 common practices that some Pashtuns share with the rest of the Jewish people that NO other people on earth share. There is a tradition among many Pashtun that they are Bani Israel. Do you believe that this was a lie?

      • Jāê

        Do you have any references to those 50 common practices? i would like to read them before I reply you.

        • Ra’anan

          Jae, sorry, I’m just now seeing this. Nadav Sofy is doing the research. Professor Shalva Weils will be publishing an academic publication. Facebook Nadav Sofy to get the info.

  • Suhrab

    Money information in this writing was false. money of the proper names which were given example except Barak, are entered from Arabic to Languages of Afghanistan. secondly about Shanbi and Shabat, I don’t know about Hebrew but Shanbi is a “Parsi or Farsi” origin word and has no connection to pashto. I think the author needs to search more academically if she wants to prove something. thank you

  • Afghan Warrior

    H.mm so u are Canadian

    • YasminTheJewish .

      Who? Im 100% Israeli

  • Waqas Khan Hazarvi

    Being Pathan / Pakhtoon does not make me any superior. For that, I have to be a good human being. If my forefathers were Bani Israil then what, It doesn’t give me a license to enter Paradise. I shall be judged by my own deeds not my father’s.

  • Israel Cohen

    Some photos of the pashtun people here
    If you want to know more about them please follow me on g+ Israel Cohen

  • Jamal Al-Afghani

    We are not Jews at all, we are our own people with our own history. Its sad how many Pashtuns on this website are so gullible into believing in this without any inch of proof or doing research themselves. It just proves how much of us are illiterate and why lack of education is rampant among Afghans. To cut it short, we are not jews, never have been never will, we are an Iranian aryan people and our genetics and history proves this.

    Whatever people want to believe is a different story, but we know who we are. We don’t need a fake jew to tell us.

  • Zahid Khattak

    Shalom ( Salam).. I am from Khattak tribe and i agree with the idea that Pashtuns being Israelite. You mentioned Shabat and referred that its called “Shanbay”. Shanba is Persian name and mostly used in Afganistan and in some parts of Pakistan (like Pashtuns in Baluchistan). The word for Saturday in majority of Pashtun areas is ” Khaali” means Empty. Which i think better relates to Shabat as there is nothing to be done hence “Empty”.

  • dildar

    i am from the tribe of yousafzai…i have no doubyt abt this theory…..The first Pashtun historian Jahandad Khan Lodhi in 16th century has already traced Pashtun Tribes geneology upto the Israelite Phrophets….Jews might hve discovered it recently but we know it since long.I look upon Jews as erstwhile brothers.

    another word extensively used is “qurban” or “Korban” which means sacrifice….this word is an integral part of Pashtu Tappa…a simple two lines couplet in a particular flow.this 1st line has 9 syllables and the 2nd 13 syllables,…but in the beggining of 1st line “ya qurban” is sung,like ya kurbbbbbbbb………………n(uuu…) and that makes it of 13 syllables.
    Kurban is a Hebrew word ,carrying the same meaning,sacrifice.

  • Edris Zarif

    Pashtuns (Afghans) are the children of Avagana the grand son of King Saul and the son of Irmia. Their roots are Israeli.

  • Masoud Ahmad

    Super love it. I would like to test my DNA. If it shows that I am Jew. So I will not tale it loud to iranian or punjabi pakistan.

  • Musahiban

    THE AFGHAN ROYAL FAMILY are PROUD of their JEWISH history and their bani Israel lives!

    They have their family tree all the way to KING SAUL of ISRAEL!

    Wake up people! Join your brothers in Israel!! It’s time


  • Arsh

    Dear Yasmin,

    if you’re really interested in finding the lost tribes of Israel then you are going towards wrong directions. Pashtuns/pathans are the off shoots of Indians. yes there were Jews in Afghanistan like rest of the world before Islam.
    the actual lost tribe of israel is the Baloch tribe. They have the right blood line which links from Ameer Hamza , the uncle of last prophet Muhammad Peace be upon Him. which links them back to Kinan, the place of yakuv , and they are from the binyamin tribe.
    most of the The traditions of Balochs are still the same as that of old Israeli culture, even after coming into the folds of Islam
    The main Baloch Israel tribes are the Kurd , which is the sub caste of Baloch people.
    for more detail answer
    view this



    so in your next article , Kindly mention this that in middle east Balochs are the true lost tribes of israel.. they dont have jst one of two similarities between them but they have whole culture similar to each other

    my own tribe belongs to the Israeli lost tribe which is Rind.

    Baloch carries long triditions of Jews with right blood line.

  • Jack L. Feasel

    The tribes of Israel are not lost, God knows where they are.

  • Yusra

    Salaam, there isn’t really enough proof to say where Pashtuns are from precisely. Most Pashtuns are from Kandahar, Afghanistan. Long ago, tribes came from all over the world to settle in Afghanistan, long back before the war. Tribes from West Russia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Greece, Turkey, etc.,. My father’s side of the family is part of the Babur tribe. It’s widely known back in Afghanistan. I did some research and turns out one of my dad’s ancestor was Babur. The man who’d found the Mughal Empire. I really have no proof whatsoever when it comes to where my dad’s side is from and where my mom’s side is from. Afghanistan is basically a mix of many cultures. Literally, if not all, most Afghans are mixed. Though I truly doubt that Pashtuns are related to Jews in any way…

  • Oleg

    Old prophecy? Don’t know, but our history is sure more complicated then historians would like. As by comparing facial features of pashtun and jews of both sexes one can clearly see similarities . one thing about jews is that they are good in picking one of their own among large group of people.

  • Yaqub Akhoon

    Pashtun were probably of some ancient tribes of the Mid East as well as North India and Iran, but have little in common with the people who immigrated to Palestine in the 1940s and then took it in 1948. Maybe there are some similarities with some of the Mid East people, but mostly Northern India and Iran.

  • Bilal Khan Afridi

    what is the meaning of these words ” Shuma Israelo”…

    • Ra’anan

      “Hear Israelite,” they are the first 2 words of the most important declaration in Judaism “Hear Oh Israelite, the L-rd our G-d, the L-rd is One.” We say this upon birth, upon death, at least twice daily, we wear this verse on our arm & head in the morning in special boxes & it is attached to our doorposts as well.

  • Rom…

    Happy To be Jewish

  • JavaddYosephzai

    I’m belong Yosephzai tribe and that is the tribe of Joseph

  • yassen Afzal

    we are not Jewish we are Israelite jews are the sons of judah and Judaism is a religion not for Israelites the Israelite are Muslims and they follow islam the religion of Abraham and his children

    • Ra’anan

      “Jewish” just means obligated to follow the Torah & Bani Israel follow this category because they are children NOT just of Abraham, but of Isaac & Jacob & 10 of the 12 Tribes that were enslave in Egypt & then freed by G-d & taken to Mount Sinai & given the holy Torah in the presence of 3,000,000+ Israelites.

  • Zeeshan Khan

    Yes we are genetically israelites but pashtoons are die hard enmies of zionism and Israel as state….
    Hardware is the same but we have Quran as our operating system

  • GIGfriend22

    Cheryl Fresco Conway…. How do you know they have rejected it.. What are the reasoning’s that you assume they have??? So far they seem to have done a lot of things similar to the Torah… And their are things in their Puktoonwalli code of conduct that are anciently Jewish in nature that not even the Jews do now a days… What concerns me though is they claim Pashto their langue was given to them by Jinns. They call Jinns Demons… And that Solomon wanted his kids to learn that langue… And that’s how it got passed down… So should we really be subscribing to this concept or should we be giving it a bit more thought.