How Pakistan is not India

The first thing that automatically clicks in our mind is “Muslims versus Hindus” when comparing India and Pakistan.

pakistan-indiaIn the same spirit, Indians’ first thought is terrorism when they hear the name Pakistan. Both mentalities are clear from the media reports across the borders. We have been consistently told by the stalwarts of Pakistani nationalism in complicity with the religious fanatics that Hindus are our worst enemies.

In the same vein Indians are told by their media that Pakistan rears, nourishes and grooms terrorism and militancy. The recent cases of an alleged Indian spy in Pakistan named Sarabjeet Singh whose death and consequent retaliation by elements in India attacking a Pakistani prisoner in gaol are just two examples.

In Pakistan an Indian hand is always pictured behind the unending ills of society whereas Indians are taught that Pakistan is an illegitimate country born out of hatred and religious bias. The Pakistani “right” is always in search of negative news about India and Indians. Similarly the Indian media looks for bad news from Pakistan.

They report Pakistan in a dramatized way which may be called everything but journalism. Even the Indian cinema depicts Pakistanis as people of the medieval ages. In Pakistan, it is often lamented that the society is under the onslaught of “Indian culture,” but at the same time our spurious TV channels run Indian movies’ song in prime time news bulletins and do not lose a moment to make a mockery of the politicians with Bollywood songs playing in the background. There are these any many other paradoxes in Pak-India relations and interactions.

Pakistanis and Indians share the same cultural origin; and they don’t even differ in physique, environment and civilization legacy.

Politically and socially there are plenty of areas where India did better than Pakistan. First and foremost is the process of democracy. India has consistently followed that while Pakistan has lingered between democracy and dictatorship since the partition; and is unfortunately still uncertain about the fate of the incumbent democracy in the country.

Constitutionally Pakistan lags far behind India in fulfilling the international norms. In India any citizen can be the country’s president but in Pakistan the door to this highest position is closed on non-Muslims. Our constitution even plays the role of a puritan declaring its citizens as non-Muslims.

Socially Pakistan is now more radical, and is looking up to past for redemption.

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Extremism, fundamentalism and terrorism has festered in Pakistan whereas India’s democracy provides better posterity. One may argue international politics has a role in what has happened in Pakistan owing to the geopolitical position of the country but we shouldn’t forget that many of the ills we have are the logical outcomes of the deeds done by our too short-sighted leaders.

And perhaps the starkest reality is the laxity infused in our blood which has rendered our society too polarized to stand against the atrocities done either by the state actors or the so-called non-state actors. Unfortunately we have a history of violence but of no rightful and peaceful protest. The outrage by the society on human rights violation, even killing of people in Pakistan proves too short and minimal while in India they have a history of peaceful but persevered protest. They have Gandhi behind this way of safeguarding one’s rights while we do have an armed way to that end.

For instance, the recent outrage by the civil society of India against a gang rape in New Delhi has proved  how much democracy has empowered and disciplined Indians to secure their civil liberties. In Pakistan polio workers are killed and we see no anger from the society; people adhering to different beliefs are murdered and there is complete silence; and above all political leaders are killed but the society never protests peacefully. Yet when there is outrage nationwide in Pakistan it never ends without violence. The Yaum-e-Ishq’s uncontrolled and criminal outrage last year is just one example.

Pakistan has now to decide whether it has to learn from India or hate it more; and the former has also to think to change the way Pakistan is demonized there. Unless and until there is drastic change in the mindset in both the societies the Aman Ki Asha (urge for peace) will remain a dream.

Zubair Torwali is a researcher, linguist and human rights activist. Born and raised in Bahrain Swat, Pakistan, he heads the Institute for Education and Development, a civil society organization working for the conservation of cultural, lingual and natural heritage among the linguistic communities in north Pakistan. Zubair was recently awarded the Prof. Anita Ghulam Ali Award of Teachers and Education in Emergencies. Read other articles by Zubair.

  • Anil

    Superb Article. Excellent research…
    I would say pakis need to invest more on education than anything else.
    They need to understand mankind is above all the religion.
    I wish pakis can change their direction.

    • Wallis

      change direction what? do you understand humanity?What happens with minorities in India?More than 1000 muslims were massacred in Gujrat Province of India and your police was standing their doing nothing, what happened with christians and sikhs?

      • ramesh

        even in US people are killed because of their religion and race..these things are unavoidable in a country like india…

        • Wallis

          Stop comparing yourself with US ok, I have lived in US myself, it is a 1st world country, their is no such attacks on religion their. What happens in India is at political level .

          • Ali

            just check the number of minorities in Pakistan in 1947 and now and compare that fact with India.. the facts speak for themselves.. U have slaughtered already all the minority hindus in pakistan to know what a religious tension is like and how sometimes because of bullshit leaders ( myth preachers ) things unfortunately go out of hands..
            u dont know minority tension and al because u dont have any.. U have already killed all and the rest are just awaiting their fate

            We have Madrasas and also minority institutions which take only Muslims in admission but Hindus dont have any hindu specific school or college… there ar 22% muslims in india living their life with dignity ( except some minor areas where tensions are there which happens everywhere )…

          • KA

            there is no excuse of any such kind of attacks whether it happens in India or anywhere else in the world. At least we Indians have the courage and mentality to accept the problem rather than living in denial.

            Also you have no right or intelligence to tell us to stop comparing our self with other nations. The way that you replied demonstrates how much civilized you are.

            More importantly, even Modi has changed the way that he is projecting himself as he clearly knows being secular is the only that he can accepted by the Indian mass.

          • Prranjal Shrivaastav

            stop fooling yr self with that 1st world myth, the attacks on non locals are a part of every community and religion. especially yr’s, super intolerant and violent towards every non muslim. u think pakistan is suffering? huh! that;s the way islamis have been living for centuries under severe islamic laws. that’s not suffering. it’s the aftermath of following islam blindly. now just becoz u see people enjoying everywhere around u taht u feel pakistan is suffering but in reality that’s the true face of islam, it’s proper islamic living, being a failed nation of the 21st century. this is why top 15 failed nations are all islamic.

          • SPD

            Why shall we compare India with US? whats there to compare with US? The country is run by the Indians. Indians are there in US everywhere in every field. Be it medical ,engineering, research..Indians are all there. Did u ever live in US??? doesn’t sound like though…Also u seem to lack knowledge..u sound like jack of all trades, master of none…get ur facts right before you argue

          • Badepapa

            And kindly stop comparing yourself with India. You have other options like “bangladesh”, Nepal etc etc. India is too far ahead. And if you don’t work hard enough Bangladesh might be something out of sight too.

          • vinsin

            If it happened at political level then why culprits get punished in India not in Pakistan.

      • sheron

        Yes Muslims were killed in Gujarat. Gujarat is near Pakistan and got its bad influence

        • Wallis

          Sheron ,why do you have to blame everything on Pakistan?
          If Pakistan is responsible for almost everything that happens in India ,then why Pakistan itself is suffering the most?

          • Badepapa

            Remember Osama? Every Tom Dick and Harry is found in Pakistan. Now please don’t start that we are a good state. Not only India but the world is fedup of that fake “good boy self proclaimed mindset”. Pakistan is suffering the most because you wont accept what all is written in the post above is right.

          • disqus_9fhZYKUgbw

            Lots of Hindu terrorist Raw agents are also found in Pakistan murdering innocent women and children.

      • nishant mehta

        I think you are exaggerating, i am gujrati. and i have many muslim friends. You are forgetting the fact that similarly Hindus too died. It was not out of hatred but due to situation that arised that time. I dont want to go into details of it as most pakistani would just refute anything good said or infavor of india. But remember, it was sudden outburst. After that its been over an decade and not even a single riot has occured in Gujarat. Infact all are equally prospering.
        In-sharp contrast to that, Pakistan has systematically and with complete understanding eliminated all minorities to verge of extinction.
        I can still show many many Jain and Hindu temples governed or handled by muslims and Mosque built right within temple complex and still not a single incident reported in centuries. This is what Indian culture is all about.

      • tara

        no one is talking about the condition of minorities in Pakistan . they had to forcefully accept islam if they dont they are killed, womans are raped,tortured then what about them ….Indian minorities are far better than themm

      • Prranjal Shrivaastav

        muslims, be them in India or pskiatsn or where ever on the Earth, they are always at unrest. there’s no issue with those Christians who live peacefully in India and ofcourse not with sikhs who are peace luving. but those who are troublemakers will be treated the way they call for. muslims are super violent, so look up in the world news how every non muslim country literally hates muslims and India is no exception. the 1000 muslims in Gujarat burned 1000 Hindus alive prior to that massacre. i mean letting the muslim leftovers stay back in India was our biggest mistakes ever.

        • Riz Aziz

          muslims unlike hindus are not made up of one race….

          you look at christain and the catholic protestant volience.

          muslims dont give up like the hindus became slaves of the british…

          call us volient if you want but we are not a people who accept slavery or live with the burden of opression…

          • slv

            In India, it was the Mughal Empire ruling which “gave up” and was uprooted.
            And your post made it pretty clear that you must be a jehadi-fanatic

          • Prranjal Shrivaastav

            I am against calling you names, I want to punish you for being who you are I.e. Talibani, SIMI, Indian Mujahideen, LeTs etc. If muslims had been banned in the non muslim world, world trade center attack, Mumbai blasts and London metro blasts etc wudn’t have happened. The whole world has learned from the intolerant past of their forefathers but never muslims. The world is developing, taking up humanitarian causes, working on them, everybody is trying to bring every human on the globe as close to each other but muslims always do the opposite. Muslims always kill, harm and rape non muslims not just in their Islamic shariat-terrorized countries but also in the pluralistic, democratic and prospering non muslim countries. Therefore Islam should be banned in non muslim dominions becoz it wipes off all kind of human rights and reasoning from it’s vicinity. Somalia, Sudan, Syria, pakistan, bangladesh etc are all ill suffering becoz these have 99% muslim population.

          • Ramak

            Japan has a policy not to grant citizenship to Muslims and even Visas after lot of restriction. It was my Russian friend who told me this. I think they were wise to avoid the Jihadi troubles in their land. One of my Japanese friend doing Ph.d at U.Arizona was a Budhist and knew Pali language very well that was close to Sanskrit. Jai Hind.

          • Kamar

            This is an internet myth, fortunately. Japan has no such policy and has a growing (including indigenous) Muslim population.

          • jay

            lol,,, u do realize ur forfather were the 1st to convert to Islam when M b Qasim arrived

          • Riz Aziz

            Yes better than worshiping Chinese manufactured products.
            We received knowledge… you guys remained jaaheel…

          • vinsin

            Knowledge to kill and rape.

          • Prranjal Shrivaastav

            Yes u pakistanians and somalians are making good use of that knowledge. Now i see what prosperity and growth mean in qasim’s terms.

          • Varun Sharma

            Worlds Largest Growing religion produces the least scholars….how sad

          • vinsin

            then why Muslims didn’t fight for independence with Britisher only Hindus were fighting.

          • Riz Aziz

            Are you crazy… Muslims were the first people to fight for Independence… The hindus were gulaams or slaves of the britishers…

            Bahdur Shah Zafar launched the first ever rebellion against the Britishers…

          • Prranjal Shrivaastav

            Muslims were the foreign looters and invaders who took away our independence. Britishers took away Muslim independence and we Hindus again won that independence from the Britishers. So what’s eating u now? India has always been a Hindu country and now it’s back in Hindu hands. We gave u a developed part of our country and u turned it into a failed state, a beggar and a terrorist factory. Quite obviously why Mughals preferred Hindus for royal wedding but never converted muslims. In fact none of the converted muslims in India could ever become even a “courts-men” in the Mughal regime. Highly untrustworthy and destructive by attitude are the reasons which kept yr Mughal masters from accepting you as a Mughal.

          • Ramak

            Just an analogy of what you said came to me. One prominent Sheikh Muslim in Bahrain where my Br-in-law works also prefers Hindus as all his employees. The housing complex he has given to his top employees are all Hindus. Sheikhs went to the extent of getting permanent visas for my sister’s in-laws just to ensure that they won’t leave Bahrain for India as my sister is also a doctor in a good hospital there. Jai Hind.

          • Kamar

            Exactly how can Muslims be foreign looters when they are also the exact same ethnicities as other religions in India? Are you referring to the particular ruling dynasties themselves? What do they have to do with the reality of the subcontinental Muslim polity? In any case the Mughal era is (rightly) considered a cultural high point for India. For some reason, certain Indians have developed a sort of victim complex about being constantly overwhelmed from the West. Remember that even the Vedic people were western, foreign invaders!

          • abhimanyu

            Well it ia a debate that who was the vedic people.. But you must recognize that muslims were outsiders.. The whole muslim religion is based on war and hatered and we are the only truth kind of bullshit. Think again how can two people live together when one is forcing other one to do something againt his wish.. In this case it is conversion what is done by muslim rullers.. And that is the reason they are at war with each other and other religion everywhere. Muslims so get changed or prepared to be vanished.

          • person

            Didnt that fail?

          • Varun Sharma

            Thats the only reason why the partition took place

          • Bharatiy

            No, my brother, you are giving wrong statement. The fight for independance started the soldiers in british army ,in which both hindus & muslims were fought against british.ln fact ,it was Mangal Pandey who started this. I dont have any doubt about work of badshah Bahadur Khan Jafar for rebel, but he was choosed as leader by all the soldiers because he was just last ruler of Delhi ;which was considerd as capital of India since ancient time. Even many other freedom fighters like Nanasaheb Peshwe,Rani Lakshmibai, Mohammad Baksh who took part in actual battles

          • Kamar

            What are you talking about? Muslims did fight in the war. Where are you getting this stuff from?

          • vinsin

            Muslims were fighting for Pakistan not Indian Independence. Very few did that.

          • malay saha

            Thats why u r working like slave of america.pakistan is a country of fool rulers.pak citizens r so unfortunate that they r sometime used by america sometime china.ur present world status is such a country who works for america for a few dollars.such an idiot can think that muslims started 1st protest aganist british rule.

          • Indian

            Riz, not sounding racist, more so ethnically I and your ancestors were most likely of same race and also likely of same religion too. If you have posted the right picture of yours, you have a distinct Indian subcontinent characteristic. Which means your fore fathers may have converted to Islam either by intimidation or brute force during Islamic rule in Indian subcontinent or a more peaceful way via sufism (which is now disliked by the more orthodox Muslims), so talking burden of oppression is a bit fanciful here. Sometimes realizing your roots brings a lot of self realization in ones self.

          • Varun Sharma

            its not the question of slavery….. But a reality of Dar-al Harab and Dar al-Islam….
            Dar-al Harab – where muslims are in minority they will ask for the rights like in INDIA….

            Dar al-Islam – Where they are in majority will not let any other person to live other than ISLAM like in Saudi Arabia …This is a fact and a hardcore reality.

          • Bharatiy

            No matters if our forefathers were hindus or muslims we all were under control of british. Only thing which matter that altough we were living together , most of us dont showed unity. Even also some of us showed courage and fought against ‘firangees’. No matters who they were; hindus ,muslims, parsi,sikh or christian. Bhagatsing or Bacha khaan or Madam Kama or Bapu all were hardWorking for indipendence. Even kaide- Azam jinnah was in side of nationalist before he join League. But when religion comes in picture all changes. Can anyone tell me what these relegious parties like Hindu mahasabha or Muslim league contributed in fight for independance?? No, even league was in favour of britsh raj and tried to maintain it. At last ,when congress & all nationalists managed to get independance, it spread riots allover & got separate ground for them without much efforts. Think where we are now & where we could together . Alright ,this is now history. So my brother, atleast we should learn from this & consider ourselves as Bhartiy(Not Hindustani) and Pakistani firstl instead of a hindu or muslim.

        • Indian

          Excuse me… How dare you compare that? Indians are Indians for whatever reason you do not have freedom to discriminate on basis of religion. If there is any religion or other fault lines in our community, then its problem of our educational system. No one in India is trained out side India for that. Jai Hind.

        • Indian

          Excuse me… Indians are Indians for whatever reason you do not have freedom to discriminate on basis of religion. If there is any religious tension or other fault lines in our community, then its problem of our educational system. No one in India is trained out side India for that. Jai Hind.

      • baburo

        As expected, you are also one of the ignorant Pakis. In India a Muslim can become and had been the president of India. Leading Bollywood actors are Muslims. Prominent cricket players were and are Muslims. What was hindu population in pakistan in 1947, and what is it now ? Please check. And compare it to how much muslims have prospered in India and how much have they contributed for the progress of this Great Nation. I am sure you will be embarrassed.

      • Sunil Patel

        what happened to pakistani hindus and christians…. from 30 pc to 7 pc. silent ethnic cleansing… muslim population in india increased…. no indian muslim wants to join pakistan

      • Sankeerth Nedunoori

        excuse me Brother!!!! There was a train carrying ram karsevaks which set ablaze by Muslims in Godra …More than 60 Hindus died and the riots were the result of emotional outburst by Hindus….there is so smoke without the fire …Muslims have the problem in any country they reside….First they provoke and then play victim card in front of International media…..And for a Pakistani to speak about minorities in India they should look at what happened to their Hindu minorities in Pakistan..Hindus constituted around 10% (conservative estimate) at the time of partition and now there are hardly any Hindus left in Pakistan…On the other side of the border Muslims constituted around roughly 8% at the time of partition and they constitute around 18% and even growing faster than before…….Millions of Hindus were either enslaved or were forced to enter into prostitution or proselytized to Islam….forced conversions are rampant in many areas……. Islam and democracy cannot co-exist with each other……..They are oxymoron s…Until and unless Pakistan sheds Islam or democracy it cannot develop…………….

        • Indian

          Excuse me… How dare you compare that? Indians are Indians for whatever reason you do not have freedom to discriminate on basis of religion. If there is any religious tension or other fault lines in our community, then its problem of our educational system. No one in India is trained out side India for that. Jai Hind.

      • vinsin

        Then how come all the Muslims didn’t move to Pakistan. Can you prove that 1000 Muslims died? Can you prove that police was standing? You tell what happened with christians and sikhs. Why Muslims population in India increase where as in pakistan it is completely wiped out?

  • Karan Kapoor

    very nice article both the nations are having same problems and they focus on the education india have improvement in education sector then pakistan pakistan give more attention on the education if they want to inhibit the terrorism and extremism so this very useful of peace Further

  • parth

    Its unfortunate in Gujarat, muslims killed in 2002, but after that, it never happened, now muslims are living peacefully; sicks living peacefully in delhi; but in Pakistan Muslims kills muslims; every day blast happens; why? muslim vs muslim; muslim force hindu girls to marry muslims why?

    • anti-religion

      why should we care about Muslims killed in Gujarat?.. people forget that Hindus were killed too!! The Muslims always only think about themselves.. that is why they are always behind in everything.

      JUST a few weeks ago so many innocent Christians were blown up ( and these were not even people who were rioting on the streets! just peaceful Christians gathered at a place).. and all these PAKIS can do is talk about an incident THIRTEEN YEARS AGO, where BOTH Hindus and Muslims were killed.

      Why were so many hundreds of Hindus also killed in that riot? For me, as a Hindu, that question is more important than the death of a group of people who love the enemy. Nobody is asking why so many Hindus were killed in our own “Hindustan”. Shame shame shame!!

  • Puneet Oxford

    Excellent article Mr. Zubair Torwali. Wrote it from a neutral point of view. I agree to many facts mentioned here. I wish to see India & Pak having a better relation in the future

  • ramesh

    good article..there are pakistanis who think constructively too..its a NEWS for indians too..!! invest terrorism money in education..u can become a developed nation..PAKISTAN has that potential..but u(pakistanis) dont understand that..

  • Piyush

    excellent article
    You are one of the few people in pakistan who understand that india is not their real enemy. The enemy is taliban, I hope india and pakistan can join hands against our real enemy
    hindustan jinda bad
    pakistan jinda bad
    taliban murda bad

  • vishnusharma

    Do Pakistanis have the guts to gather in the thousands and protest against the killing of Shias or Polio workers in the city of Karachi ?

    Do they ? Can they organize such protests using SMS and seek censure of such acts such as killing of minorities or health workers ?

    No they cannot ! Because they do not have the guts to protest against what is wrong with their society

    • vinsin

      Because Pakistani society is confused whether killing is write or wrong? Majority do not consider Shia as Muslim and some think that Polio workers are also doing work against Islam. The things we consider sacred like life has no meaning in Islam.
      Question will arise what about killing by Muhammed, what about rape by him, slavery etc?

    • Tavishi

      They do gather for protests, many rallies have taken place after the Peshawar incident and the last was a month or two back. So there is nothing like people don’t do stuff like that’s it is just it depends, Indians don’t go for protests after every murder, they don’t so why does Pakistanis have to? Look at your own self before saying anything to them.

  • Rm

    Mujhe aapka article bohot acha laga
    … n I think k jaise hum Hindu n Muslim friend sath me rhke hr pal enjoy krte hai vaisehe. India or Pakistan sathme rh k aage badhe….. or koi common man ladna or jhagadna pas and nhi krta change vo musalman ho ya hindhu.. sab logo ko bhadkaya jata hai… or jin logo ko koi jam nhi that vo…. raste pe uttar k bhaki log ka nuksan krte hai…. bus in desho me education ki kmi hai… agr 2no mulk eksath hojayege to koi mulk bharat or Pakistan k samne khada hone se pahle sochega…..

  • Prranjal Shrivaastav

    please don’t compare yourselves to India while trying to show that ill mentality has been as trait of both the sides. in pakistan it’s always had been terrorism to India (though recently the whole world was included), which has been quite obvious in Mumbai local attacks, Pune German bakery attacks, Mumbai Taj hotel Attacks, blasts in Narendra Modi’s declamation during addressal to the people of Bihar, Assam blasts, Kerala nlasts, Delhi blasts etc.. all have direct links to pakistan. apart from that most of such links have been provided to us by interpol, KGB, Mossad and CIA, all pointing to pakistan with hard evident. even that >90% world wide terrorism all hail from pakistan. ever since pakistan has become a synonym for terror and a terrorist production factory, the drones have become the national bird of pakistan. u know why India is ahead of u, becoz we are taught nothing of our past with u. how u snatched away a part of our motherland. and even though we won all the 5 wars against u, it’s never taught to us in the school. the basic education in India is way better than the best available in pakistan . so stop comparing yr silly self to us in hope of gathering some importance for thyself, cuz pakistan is not important.

  • SPD

    A good article and well-researched too…

  • Elliot Shayle

    Considering Pakistan is a self described ‘Muslim homeland’ it’s not *entirely* unreasonable that you might close the door to a non Muslim Pakistani. Islam is part of Pakistan’s cultural identity, so it could be argued that a Muslim should take the job of president.

    Besides, Pakistan’s like 99% Muslim anyway, chances are that nobody non Muslim was gonna get that far anyway.

  • Aravind Rajasekar Thangamani

    It is the media creating such feelings of hatred against each other. But the people are same on both side.

  • VR

    The day Pakistan returns Dawood Ibrahim and the day they the India centeric terror plotters (i.e. Saeed) put behind bar, the day Pakistan punish 26/11 master minds, Indians will start changing the perception about Pakistanis. While India has shown the world concrete proof of Pakistan or Pakistanis organized involvement, Pakistan has nothing to show as proof of India’s involvement in anything terror in Pakistan, not because of Pakistan’s incompetence, because there is none exist. Let Pakistani text books change their Hindu hating curriculam first. Like the author mentioned, Indian elephant moves slowly but persistenly, the same applies when it comes to defending the country. Unless Pakistan wakes-up and changes it’s ways, the elephant will remember every pin prick and return it slowly and steadly. It does not ahve to be in the same kind, but will hurt nevertheless.

  • baburo

    First of all, it is a fact that Pakistan is the center of Global terrorism. Osama was found there !!! Do you need any other proof. Plus its home to jihadist groups Let, JuD, Taliban, HuJI, JeM .. Their dream of carving Kashmir out of India is not a possibility, which they need to understand. If they continue to struggle on Kashmir issue, they will surely fall behind 50 years in terms of Economy, Social stability etc.

  • naren

    Pak bhuke nango di country hai, people having no self respect, always asking america n saudi for money

  • Samrudhi

    A some what honest article. I would like to mention here that i do not see much mention of Pakistan In our media here unless there is a reason to discuss Pakistan, like when there is a dignitary visiting, or some thing happening on our borders etc. I have not seen any debates on television (I follow only the most popular news channels) just for the sake of discussing Pakistan. On the contrary if i go to youtube, i see India is a serious discussion topic in Pakistan and that does not need to be due to any specific reason. Most of what i see is people gathering on TV on the pretext of debate and shouting down India for all XYZ reasons which mostly has religious tinge to it. We in India do not discuss Pakistan for it being a Muslim nation or anything related to religion. We discuss Pakistan because its a difficult neighbor with numerous problems posing to India and its peace and development. India is least interested in internal issues of Pakistan as long as it doesn’t cause a spillage in the border.

  • ashis

    the best thing for India is to remain nonreactive to the enemity with and also no freinship and no buisness with them.totally cut off.let them live their own way and lets gaurd our borders and no visas for pakis.

  • rakeshkapila

    The only problem with Pakistan is that it is impossible to improve things near perfection!
    Any change in any society takes place only when the cost of No-Change is higher than the cost of Real Change.

  • Mahesh Bhardwaj

    Personal likes-dislikes and emotional rhetoric relative to India-Pakistan, Hindu-Muslim, Christian-Muslim, Jews-Muslims, Pakistan-US, Pakistan-Europe, etc. aside, the reality does have the mystery of shining.

    There’s no question that India has monumental problems, which the country is struggling to handle under the banner of democracy. I do not know if Pakistan has any pressing problem other than their obsession with Islam.

    Since 1947 population of Muslims in India has grown. My question is what has happened to Hindus in Pakistan. I further ask what is it about Pakistan that it is the world’s most hated country.

    These questions are real and not connected to ones emotions. Until the reality – that is, things as they are, is accepted – I wonder how can there be coexistence, progression, let alone peace not only in the subcontinent, but in the world?

    Why is it so difficult to see things as they are? Muslims have caused hell all over the world,
    not just in India and Hindus have caused hell over Muslims in India. These are stark facts, which no matter how loud we defend are indefensible – reality-truth does not need defense, it just
    is and stands all on its own! Once this is swallowed I think we can then hope to move forward,

    Thank you.

  • Riz Aziz

    this article is completely biased… why doesnt the author of the article talk more about the problems of india… peaceful protests in india… lolz how about incidents such as the hindu muslim riots or and mob of people attacking a dude becuase he loved some girl.

    there are plenty of problems regarding Indian society which the author failed to discuss in this article… didnt expect much

    you ask any foreigner about india… i am dman sure they will never praise india like the cowfukers do… in the yes of the west india is poor country with corrupt politicians

    india is still spinning that old wheel..

    • proud Hindu

      Riz aziz tu chutiya hai.. tere samjh ke baahar ki cheej hai bharat.

    • LS

      Yes India has problems, lots of it but no one in India pretends that they don’t have problems, but the favorite Paki passtime is to point out the problems in India in hopes that it makes Pakistan look better? It does not, in fact nothing changes, except it satiates your ego in saying that India has problems. Pakistan today is at the bottom of the barrel on every imaginable progressive index and top of every imaginable regressive index but hey the reality hasn’t dawned on most Pakistani’s yet. Lastly, India does not care who praises them and who does not but those very foreigners are lining-up to do business with India where as total FDI in Pakistan today is just 700 Million whereas in India it is in excess of $120 Billion. The FDI index that was published a few days ago for year 2014 ranks India at #11 and Pakistani is no where in the sight in top 25 nations.

  • Riz Aziz

    this article is completely biased… why doesnt the author of the article talk more about the problems of india… peaceful protests in india… lolz how about incidents such as the hindu muslim riots or and mob of people attacking a dude becuase he loved some girl.

    there are plenty of problems regarding Indian society which the author failed to discuss in this article… didnt expect much

    you ask any foreigner about india… i am dman sure they will never praise india like the stupid hindus do… in the yes of the west india is poor country with corrupt politicians

    india is still spinning that old wheel..

    • vinsin

      What Muslims are doiing in India? Did author said that India is a rich country? Muslims are poorest of them.
      UN says 93% riots in India started by Muslims.
      How many riots started by Hindus in Pakistan?

      • Riz Aziz

        UN… PLEASE provide so evidence or facts which support your accusations…

        Hindus are always the ones to start the riots..

        What have hindus ever accomplished in India…

        The muslims were the ones to unite all republics into one country…
        The legacy is present all over India today…

        • LS

          80 Million Hindus, v/s few thousand Muslims decide for yourself.

          Hindus have done everything in India, but being a Pakistani you would not know anything and I don’t have to explain it, but know this, the reason Mughals attacked (BTW: Those who attacked were not part of you, they were invaders and rulers and your being a converted Muslim did not make any difference to them, for example Ghauri attacked Karachi every time en-route to today’s India and killed who-ever came in his way Hindu’s Muslims alike. In fact converted Muslims DID not even form the part of courtesans of these invaders since their loyalty and trustworthiness was in question. In fact most of the courtesans were Hindus). because India was rich, with structured society and good decentralized governance. It was called land of gold and riches.

          Hindus, got rid of Mughals, British. Muslims could not even fight for their own independece except a handful like Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Khan abdul Gaffar Khan, Mohsina Kidwai’s parents. Most others were busy trying to find a reason to divide India because they knew that they would not be able to rule after british left (Since they had rejected English education, by and large and were not occupying any positions in the current government), though being illiterate they were happy to become foot soldiers of the Army. Hindus, created the new government with a few Muslims. Muslims did not contribute much in rebuilding India and what it is today is mostly due to them though every Indian played their part but mostly it was hindus since their population was large. We are what we are today because we are Indians first. religions later. Not like Pakistan where you are a Muslim first and country comes after that.

          In fact what is Pakistan today has not done anything, literally nothing… they could not stop a single invader whether it was Turks, Syrians, Mongols, Afghans, Iranians, Greeks every one just passed you by and forced you to convert. then British came you did nothing, then Peshwa, Sikhs, Dogras came and rules over you. you could not even fight for independence. Name 3 Muslim freedom fighters from Pakistan, frontier Gandhi (Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan) was Afghan so that does not count. You could not even fight for Pakistan, Indian Muslims worked for it. You could not even save yourselves from Indian Muslims, who came and forced Urdu on you, took over most of the land, government positions, top military positions. Today you don’t manufacture even a scooter engine…. Most of your factories that produced clothes/Yarn are shut down, you even import cotton and vegetables from India. Your prized Missiles are Chinese, north Korean and atom bomb is also Chinese.

          What have converted Muslims done? Nothing… except spreading terrorism across the world. Literally nothing..

  • Manmohan

    Nice, i welcome the views by the author. But unfortunately, the common man is suffering more in pakistan, as funds for developments are diverted to hate-polities, while in India, it is more due to internal corruption then pro-pakistan mentality.

  • M .N Iqbal

    Muslims and Hindu are using dirty language for each other because of ignorance and illiteracy. They should try to remove misunderstandings and patch up the differences. These are the leaders who for their wasted interest pit the two communities against eachother. Common man wants to live in peace and love for each other .

  • Rashmi Singh

    Ali Jinnah And nehru were followers of gandhi, Gandhi played the role in independence of pakistan and india, however never ever i hear that pakistani praised gandhi’s work. I cant say anything to such self obssessed people. i went through a few pakistnai pages on fb, and i was ashamed that once those ppl and the land was a part of India.

  • bushra

    india my foot

  • bushra

    the most coward nation in the world