Politicizing Pakistan’s Internally Displaced Persons

Ignoring the plight of Pakistan’s Internally Displaced Persons while dancing on the trumpet of the opportunist revolutionaries is dragging the country towards disintegration.


Credit: The News International

There is no denying the fact that a large chunk of money has been raised through various means, but to maintain the routine livelihood of half a million which is more likely to double as the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from Pakistan fleeing North Waziristan continue pouring in refugee camps.

Not with the slightest pinch and sense for the deserted IDPs who number in around half a million with health hazards increasing and ration scarcity looming, the people from the rest of the country busy performing their instigated and nebulous role in the political strife between the Sharif brethren and the man whose revolution is tantamount to winning some political stakes.

The people have proved that co-existence is history, emotionlessness the reality and the consciousness dead.

The governments of other provinces are quite justified in denying the IDPs access to their respective provinces, arguing that the influx will raise the risks of greater urban terrorism since many can be terrorists in the disguise of refugees. But at the same time their outright rejection of the escalating scenario in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Province and leaving her alone to carry the burden questions the credibility of the integrity of the federation.

What to lament over the grossly wrong priorities of the regime when the moral and sentimental priorities of the people are worse and self-constructed, thus, far beyond the general good. What natural or politico-strategic calamity may strike the other provinces, if not engulfing the self-province, they behave as if it is not the concern of the people of that secure province at all to at least demonstrate some homogeneous sympathy.

How disgustingly, the people who once stood for calling themselves a nation have turned dead heart and emotionally arrested that they cannot see half a million people scuffling over the ill-distributed ration, limited water for all uses amid threats of epidemic breakout with no homes to return.

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When these terrorists were trained as mujahedeen a couple of decades back with the consent and endorsement of all the provinces, then today why should a single province suffer the consequences of the (previously held mujahedeen) militants? Leaving the provinces in the lurch in the hour of the need and then supporting them when the time is ripe does not logically keep the federation intact anymore.

Yes, with deaden conscience and dormant ideology, the people while dancing on the trumpet of the opportunist revolutionaries are dragging the country towards the doomsday scenario; the disintegration. Once it has been tasted, if to avert a future disaster of similar kind, then it is time we realize the pain of others.

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Jameel-ur-Rehman Zaib has a masters in International Relations from National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad. Read other articles by Jameel.