Pakistan Youth Defy Fear Watching Cricket

Despite daily violence, Pakistani youth from Rawalpindi and Islamabad defy fear by watching the Lahore Lions vs Faisalabad Wolves match at Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium.

It is natural to be excited during any joyous moment of life. But for the fun-starved Pakistanis, such an occasion takes on new heights. For example, this enthusiasm is underscored by the degree of excitement and cheers by Pakistani youth during Sunday’s Lahore Lions vs Faisalabad Wolves match at Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium.

Domestic cricket matches in Pakistan has recently started, with more than 16 cricket teams from across the country participating in the intra-games that occurred at Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium. The event draws nearly 20,000 thousands cricket lovers from the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Pakistani youth eager to cheer for their favorite team felt as if they have been set free from painstaking years of confinement.

The stadium was jam-packed with spectators. Thousands of cricket fans were waiting outside the stadium along with entry passes but policemen did not allow them to enter the stadium, as it was already overcrowded. This security measure by the police angered the crowd, who began pelting the police and pushing each other to enter the stadium. Police responded with batons which led to many injuries and were dispersed as heavy contingents of officers were deployed around the stadium.

Pakistan experiences daily violence and terrorism, and it has become such a dream to think about amusement, recreation and any other healthy activities. Both children and adults are frightened by frequent bomb blasts and suicide attacks. Defying their fears, many youth from Rawalpindi and Islamabad rushed to watch the live cricket match in the stadium. This is the passion that the people of Pakistan have for fun activities and living life, as they have been denied the pleasures of a normal life living under a violent and corrupt system.

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Tariq Hussain writes for the Lahore-based tabloid newspaper, Pakistan Today. He earned a degree in Mass Communication from National University of Modern Languages in Islamabad. Tariq started his career in 2010 by joining a news agency, Infochange News and Feature NetworksRead other articles by Tariq.