Listen to Norwegian Pop-Punk Band goldenboy

goldenboy (with a small g!) is a pop-punk band from Norway’s most beautiful city, Bergen.


goldenboy is a pop-punk band from Norway.

Since their debut in 1999, goldenboy have played close to 100 concerts in 25 states in the United States. The band has toured in Europe and played throughout Norway. goldenboy has a hefty and productive track record: Four EPs on their own label and two full length albums on American label Fastmusic and Dutch Squash Records.

The band consists of Torkel Hofslett Thowsen (vocals, guitar), Nils Flåm (bass/vocals) and BT Taranger (drums).

Returning from rehearsing hibernation as grown-ups, the goldenboys have kept their youthful love for pop-punk, fuzz guitars and catchy melodies.

goldenboy’s third album Lesson 3: Arts and Crafts is a DIY-project released on the band’s own label goldenmusic. The album is out now in glorious cd-format and everywhere on the world-wide web for the digitalized listener.


goldenboy band members.



Torkel Hofslett Thowsen (vocals, guitar)
Nils Flåm (bass/vocals)
BT Taranger (drums)


Four became three, and goldenboy is now a trio. It sounds harder, sharper, rougher, tighter & more catchy than ever. Check out the video for their tune “The Escape” right here:

Listen up, and follow your Norwegian pop-punk provider right here:

Twitter: @goldenboybergen
Soundcloud: (free music alert!)

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goldenboy is a pop-punk band from Norway’s most beautiful city, Bergen.

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