Mohammed Assaf’s Music Brings Joy and Hope to Palestinians

Mohammed Assaf’s Music Brings Joy and Hope to Palestinians

By Miriam Awadallah, MA Student in PubIic and International Affairs at University of Pittsburgh
Location United States United States

It is clear that Mohammed Assaf still represents the new face of Palestine to the world. Palestinian-American pride was soaring high in DC on May 11, 2014 as Mohammed Assaf’s voice echoed throughout the room, the audience captivated by his shining smile and impressive dabke skills. Embarking on his second US tour, sponsored by Arab America, alongside Arab Idol finalist Ziad Khoury, Assaf brought the crowd to their feet as he belted out his traditional […]

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goldenboy is a pop-punk band from Norway.

Listen to Norwegian Pop-Punk Band goldenboy

By goldenboy, Pop-Punk Band from Norway
Location Norway Norway

goldenboy (with a small g!) is a pop-punk band from Norway’s most beautiful city, Bergen. Since their debut in 1999, goldenboy have played close to 100 concerts in 25 states in the United States. The band has toured in Europe and played throughout Norway. goldenboy has a hefty and productive track record: Four EPs on their own label and two full length albums on American label Fastmusic and Dutch Squash Records. The band consists of […]

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Mens Rea is a four piece Hard Rock/Grunge group from Israel.

Listen to Israeli Rock Band Mens Rea

By Mens Rea, Hard Rock/Grunge Group from Israel
Location Israel Israel

Mens Rea is an Israeli four piece Hard Rock/Grunge group. Mens Rea is about the beauty of music, and not giving up on Rock n’ Roll. We in Mens Rea breath, feel and believe in Rock n’ Roll. Our songs deal with life’s problems and oppose the system’s way of presenting crappy music as beautiful art, and selling it to millions. What bothers us most as musicians is that music does not seem the most […]

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Listen to Turkish Progressive Rock Band Nemrud

Listen to Turkish Progressive Rock Band Nemrud

By Nemrud, Progressive Rock Band from Turkey
Location Turkey Turkey

Nemrud is a progressive rock band from Istanbul, Turkey established in late 2008. Until the current formation of the group was settled there had been several changes in the composition of band members. In mid-2010, Nemrud released their first conceptual progressive rock album Journey Of The Shaman via Musea Records from France. There are three songs in the debut album which tell the story of the physical and spiritual journey of “Mitos,” a shaman living […]

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The Shapers are a 3-piece punk rock band from France.

What Everybody Ought to Know About The Shapers

By The Shapers, Punk Rock Band from France
Location France France

The Shapers are a 3-piece punk rock band from France formed in 2009. These three friends enjoy skateboarding, having fun together and travelling the world. Drawing mainly inspiration and style from the Californian punk rock and skate scenes, touring and meeting new people is definitely what they like best about playing. The rock scene being not so big in France, their will of discovering new cultures and new influences brought them to China and Indonesia where […]

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AqME is an alternative metal band from Paris, France.

French Alt-Metal Band AqME Holds No Punches

By AqME, Alternative Metal Band from Paris, France
Location France France

Formed in 1999, AqME is an alternative metal band from Paris, France. First of all, AqME is a story. A story of unswerving passion for music. Passion always expressed through 6 albums, meetings with the fans, meetings with other artists, immense joys and painful sorrows. A human and artistic story drove by an unusual intensity. Released in 2012, AqME’s 6th album is Épithète, Dominion, Epitaphe. With more than 100,000 albums sold, hundreds of live performances and the […]

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The Seventh Floor is a 4 piece pop-punk rock band from Ventspils, Latvia.

The Seventh Floor Keeps on Rockin’

By The Seventh Floor, Pop-Punk Rock Band from Ventspils, Latvia
Location Latvia Latvia

The Seventh Floor is a 4 piece pop-punk/rock band from Ventspils, Latvia established in November 2010. The band’s name is taken from the group’s first rehearsal room – Ventspils University College’s dorm room 711, which was on the seventh floor. The band has previously released a 6 song self-titled EP and not long ago (on September 15, 2013) their first full-length album Away From Home. Influences: Four Year Strong, Blink 182, Biffy Clyro. In Latvia, the […]

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