Top 5 Most Popular Articles in 2013

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top-ratedSharnoff’s Global Views recently celebrated its first anniversary and this has truly been a great year. SGV differentiates itself as being the only platform of original content by internationals for Americans. It is an independent website and exists solely for its contributors and readers.

Listed below are the top 5 most popular articles in 2013 based on the number of page views, shares on social media and comments. Did your favorite article make the top 5?

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1. Azerbaijan: Road to Democracy

While Azerbaijan elections are an important step towards democracy, democracy will only exist when Azerbaijani society can produce credible contending political candidates.

2. How Pakistan is not India

The first thing that automatically clicks in our mind is “Muslims versus Hindus” when comparing India and Pakistan. Pakistanis and Indians share the same cultural origin; and they don’t even differ in physique, environment and civilization legacy.

3. Why are Europeans Moving to Poland?

Immigration is an issue that never ceases to surprise. While western Europeans still half-fear the specter of the Polish plumber, it transpires that Poland has become a fully fledged destination country for immigrants in its own right. Why is this?

4. Mauritania and the Arab Spring: An Interview with Ahmed Jedou

Mauritania wants democracy, civil rule and social justice. Mauritanians share the overall demand of the Arab Spring: dignity, equality, democracy and justice. And the foremost challenge they face is the military regime, its racism and parochial way of looking at things, and its nepotism.

5. Believe in the India Luxury Market

India has often been cited as the next China as international luxury brands enter the market to benefit from the monetary gains of a desire economy. However, the Indian luxury market is not only different compared to other emerging markets, but unique.

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