Listen to Israeli Rock Band Mens Rea

Mens Rea is an Israeli four piece Hard Rock/Grunge group.


Mens Rea is a four piece Hard Rock/Grunge group from Israel.

Mens Rea is about the beauty of music, and not giving up on Rock n’ Roll. We in Mens Rea breath, feel and believe in Rock n’ Roll. Our songs deal with life’s problems and oppose the system’s way of presenting crappy music as beautiful art, and selling it to millions.

What bothers us most as musicians is that music does not seem the most important factor in the music business. Connections, looks and money seem to matter most. Or, as one of our favorites once put it, “It’s not who you are, it’s who you know” (Metallica/Holier than thou).

See, we musicians grew up admiring rock legends, thinking that maybe someday, if we work hard enough creating good tunes, we could have a shot at this. Or at least that music lovers will dig our music for what it is.

Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case.

For example, musicians without connections and money struggle to send their material to the proper industry channels to reach the widest possible audience. Without the right connections and/or money, it appears your life project and art are deemed to go unnoticed.

But hey! You may say that today, you don’t need a label to release an album. Things are supposedly cheaper and more accessible with home recordings, the internet and social media. And that’s just what most of us do – self-promote and release our materials. Unfortunately, along with millions of other musicians, it’s just a drop in the ocean.

The world is missing out on so much good music. Well, frankly, as we’ve discovered, most people do not care. But for those of you who do, this the album to listen to.

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It “only” took seven years to release. The debut album! Of course, the upside to the long period of time is that you get the best of the best of us. Songs that seemed awesome at first were later archived, and the result is 12 great songs. Kind of like a “best of” collection without fillers. At least not in our humbled opinion.

And for all musicians out there, our message is this: Give it your best shot, but don’t expect too much. Chances are commercial success ain’t knockin’ on your door, so don’t waste your life savings on your projects.

So rock on, and preferably – heavy!


Mens Rea band members.



Tal Kedmy (vocals and rhythm guitar)
Ran Gliksberg (lead guitar and backing vocals)
Itay Miron (bass)
Zach Ben Michael (drums)




Twitter: @mensrearocks

Watch the video for “Don’t wanna hear you know”

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Mens Rea is a four piece Hard Rock/Grunge group from Israel.