Why I am Happy to Live in the United States

As a Baloch from Pakistan’s Balochistan province, having the dream fulfilled to come to the United States was one of the happiest moments in my life.

baloch-happy-living-united-statesThough somewhere in my heart I had the belief that I would be in the United States one day. I was fully aware of the cultural shocks and differences. It didn’t take me long to mingle into the people and talk about my culture and Balochistan.

Being among the people – ignorant enough about the outside world and especially about Balochistan was never easy of a task. I had to contradict many people’s views about the region I belong to, which is culturally completely different from Pakistan that some know a little about. It is psychologically annoying for being called what you are not.

I came to the United States as an exchange student in a one-year program called Community College Initiative Program funded by the US State Department. Scottsdale Community College in Arizona was my destination, where I took journalism and English classes. Although I have accomplished a lot so far in my academic career, I consider being a representative of my nation my biggest accomplishment.

So far, I have come across many people. Very few of them knew about Pakistan. Obviously, they didn’t know anything about Balochistan. Whenever, I told the untold story of our culture and the region, most them were fascinated.

When I came here, my ambition was to represent Baloch and my culture. Characterizing my culture and the hidden realities about Balochistan would enhance my morality and soul. It would make me feel proud and believe that I have illustrated what I am responsible of.

Many people ask where I am from. It urges me right off the bat to assume the role of a Baloch representative. I would tell them where I belong to and how backward and suppressed we are.

I always wanted to be an educator.

Fortunately, I have the opportunity to be in the United States where I can speak up freely and receive the same type of knowledge and education as some of the nation’s leaders. I want to make people aware of the situation in Balochistan and human rights violations being perpetrated in Balochistan. Today, my friends in the United States know my culture and Balochistan, and they understand me as who actually I am.

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There is still a long way to go. I am passionate about my culture, my people and my nation. The horizons of success may be far away but not impossible to reach.

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Changiz Khan Baluch is from Panjgur, Balochistan. He is a recipient of the Community College Initiative Program based in Phoenix, Arizona. Changiz is a blogger and contributing writer for The Baloch Hal and Bolan Voice. Follow him on Twitter @changizbaluch and blog:changizbaluch. Read other articles by Changiz.