Little Known Ways Afghans and Jews are Similar

Afghans and Jews share common historical suffering and may have more in common than you’d think.

jews-afghansMany freedom fighters in the world know quite well the Afghan landscape from training camps set up during the Soviet invasion in the 1980s.

Nonetheless, some of these freedom fighters became the greatest terrorists who would later create the Taliban. Although it may sound strange, when taking into consideration that these nations are totally different, a person cannot ignore the simple fact that they both have a common history of suffering and persecution.

Of course the Holocaust is uniquely gruesome in that unlike other genocides, Jews were singled out for elimination specifically because they were Jews. However the Jewish community can understand the hard life and plight of the Afghans, perhaps better than other groups.

Afghanistan historically suffered many invasions, the most recent and well-known from the Soviet Union and the United States. In December 1979 the Soviets captured the Afghan capital Kabul, and took control over wide areas of the country, spreading destruction everywhere.

Afghan warriors known as the “mujahideen” fought against the Soviets for years, until Moscow withdrew its troops in 1988. Soon after, civil war started between rival Afghan factions which ultimately led to the Taliban regime in 1994. From 1994-2001, the Taliban justified massacres and human rights abuses against Afghan society by claiming to promote Islamic law. After the Taliban fell, the Americans invaded, and the destruction didnt’ stop. A low-level war ensued which continues to this day.

While an estimated 2 million Afghans have perished during the past several decades, 6 million Jews were murdered by the policies of Nazi Germany from 1933-1945.

Yasmin Eliaz is a Master’s student in Political Science at Bar Ilan University. She specializes in Afghanistan and works as a research assistant at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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  • Abdur Rauf Yousafzai

    I would love to see this article in more elaborated form, because here in Pakhtoon belt many believe that we are a tribe of Jews because we don’t have refine history regarding this land many of the acts are like Jews, at the end i will say it was a lovely step to open many doors for researchers

    • Azariah dei Rossi

      Are you related to the incredibly brave, wise, young Malala Yousafzai? If so, you have a wonderful family. God bless you all.

      • YasminTheJewish .

        I agree with you, i also think she is a great girl. but there are thousands of Yousofzai

        • dildar

          thousands? we are in millions if u take into account the yousafzai of Afghanistan

      • Afghan Warrior

        Actually she is Punjabi not pashtoon

      • yassen Afzal

        SHe is a bad woman mala yousefzai

    • YasminTheJewish .

      next artciel 😉

    • Yonit Gefen

      I have found written documents on this that of you want I will dog up, one from a missionary I think. There were some very old personal observations in Arabic partially translated with the help of some friends

  • Ihsan

    As the Jews get out of the genocide from former Nazis regime we will also get ride of the current genocide going on in our land one day through promoting, education, peace, stablity and harmony..

    • YasminTheJewish .

      Ihsan, im trying to working nowdays on a special project name IFA “israel for afghanistan” in order to collect programs that would eventually might help Afg.

      • amiel

        Dear Yasmin, Shalom from your Afghan Cousin 😉 it is a very good idea that Israel launch a program for Afghans “Israel for Afghanistan”. i think besides the programs to help afghanistan, the israel should carry out a study and a thorough research, which should aim at finding the connection between pastoons and israelis, as the oral history from thousand of years cant be just something vain, there must have been some connection, or else we would not have known this from our ancestors….and secondly it would be great to bring ppl of the two nations together through your country’s programs, as there is, as i understand and feel, a common admiration between the two nations for each other, we definitely respect you for what your nation has been through the years of holocaust and how again you managed to stand on your feet and got successful, we definately know this through our ancestors who also at that point condemned the genocide, and i dont know if you know this or not, but you could ask your afghan jews, that afghanistan was the only country who lived in peace with jews of afghanistan and provided sanctuary to jews and safe passage to israel from afghanistan. Afghanistan was the only country who refer to afghan Jews as afghans by granting them afghan passport. but i have to say this with great sadness, that with the passage of time and consequence of war, the afghans are brain washed by our neighbors (Pakistan, Iran), who no longer believe in friendship with Israel…so don’t mind that part….though it does not apply to all afghans but yes majority….we are also sorry that even now when we have government, we can not have diplomatic ties with Israel because as i mentioned earlier under the influence of our neighbors and propaganda of Arab countries to us on “Palestinian tragedy” even though they might be Muslims but we hate them for killing our afghans and our ppl….especially the pashtoons who are at large victims of islamists and terrorists….you had to suffer at the hand of nazis, while we the pashtoons are suffering at the hands of punjabis, arabs, islamists, terrorists and facists (persians)……killing us for being Pashtoons….but i will tell you one thing, we have defeated them before and we will defeat them now as we are children of Prophets….. and they cant mess with us,…they will either drown like pharons army or burn like hitlers bunker….that i am sure about….

        with lot of love and admiration to our cousins…. Amiel

      • Ahmad Qais king

        I am a pashtoon from Afghanistan my grand father who passed a way a few days ago was always telling me about pashtoons history . He was always saying that we are Bani Israel (sons of Jacob) or means sons Joseph . We have a great tribe in pashtoons who are called Yosephzayee or josephzayee Means Sons of Joseph . Joseph is a Jewish prophet. And also pashtoons and Jewish are really cruel people. They are almost same .

    • Afghan Warrior

      Actually ita has just started there is a lot to come
      .afgh might get in war with Pakistan in future
      Or with India

  • Fazalullah Khan

    Somalian are too similar to Jews and Pukhtoon as US reports says hundreds thousand were killed in recent civil war….Tutsi of Rawanda were too similar to them as 500 millions were killed in a planned genocide… matter of fact there are hundreds of scholrs who do not authenticate Hollocost but fictionary and mock story surfaced for obtaining some motives..

    • Yonit Gefen

      Your comment about the Holocaust is sadly familiar. If the agenda is genocide, people turn history on and off to suit their prejudices, If you should read this, could you direct me to any material on Somalian similarity to Judaism. All the best to you are yours

    • Arsh

      you are right pashtun actually belongs to somalian race

  • Yonit Gefen

    Are there any among the Pashtun that would like to be integrated into the Jewish people or Israel. If there are we should open the door [difficult as that can be here]. Your information is fascinating as a study of Jewish history and its evolution and the evolution of cultures in generally

    We are, according to me, too often concerned with race, DNA, proof. The desire to reconnect with distant relatives or Israel or Judaism or become Jewish is a personal decision, that is not dictated by DNA

    • Jonah Lissner

      Shalom Aleichem Yonit,

      With more than 300 or 400 million people around the world with Hebrew-Israeli ancestry noted since Abraham-Isaac-Israel we must build a United Nations of Hebrew-Israel. That could mean 13 new nations or more.

    • dildar

      yes i am

  • Afghan Warrior

    Pashtuns were jews before and become Muslims During time of prophet Mohammad (S A W) a warrior named khalid bin walid who was the biggest enemy of Islam of its time he was pashtun and become Muslim and also got title of sword of Allah . after becoming Muslim he invited kish/qish present day ruler of Afghanistan . after qish become muslim his name was changed qais rashid and also how Islam came to afgh

  • najeeb

    do read barq of pukhtun khwa about pukhtoon nation he has written in his book that pukhtoon are the people of this land they are not jews hav a history of about 3500 years but pukhtoon history is very old 7000.

  • Weiss Sekander

    Afghans lost much more than 2 million in the War with the Soviets and civil war combined.

  • Arsh

    Dear Yasmin,

    Balochs are whole jews not just one or two similarities between

    if you’re really interested in finding the lost tribes of Israel then you are going towards wrong directions. Pashtuns/pathans are the off shoots of Indians. yes there were Jews in Afghanistan like rest of the world before Islam.

    the actual lost tribe of israel is the Baloch tribe. They have the right blood line which links from Ameer Hamza , the uncle of last prophet Muhammad Peace be upon Him. which links them back to Kinan, the place of yakuv , and they are from the binyamin tribe.

    most of the The traditions of Balochs are still the same as that of old Israeli culture, even after coming into the folds of Islam

    The main Baloch Israel tribes are the Kurd , which is the sub caste of Baloch people.

    for more detail answer

    view this

    so in your next article , Kindly mention this that in middle east Balochs are the true lost tribes of israel.. they dont have jst one of two similarities between them but they have whole culture similar to each other

    my own tribe belongs to the Israeli lost tribe which is Rind.

    Baloch carries long triditions of Jews with right blood line.