Israeli Peace Initiative: Who We Are

Israel must decide on its future from a position of strength and not to be dragged along by events.

israeli-peace-initiative[Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of articles examining the Israeli Peace Initiative.]

The Israeli Peace Initiative (IPI) is a nonpartisan movement whose 800 members come from left, center and leftand represent business, hi-tech, academic, security, diplomatic, civil society and media communities.

We are the first to propose a regional initiative to end the Middle East conflict as a response to the Arab Peace Initiative. Our strategic goal is to convince the Israeli government to adopt our response and re-ignite Israeli-Palestinian-regional negotiations based on the Arab Peace Initiative.

We focus on three pillars: encouraging Israeli decision makers to re-engage in regional negotiations; convincing skeptic center-right Israelis to accept regional “end of conflict” package deal; and advocating to Arab leaders and Arab civil society to reach out to the Israeli public.

The Israeli Peace Initiative (IPI) Group is a civil society movement offering a regional Israeli peace to end the conflict. Visit

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