What Dreams Tell Us About Ourselves

Prophetic dreams are not only signals of changes in the future, but may also symbolize current situations such as difficult relationships, or may help you delve into your past and help you find answers that you never could.

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Lately I have dreamed a lot and there is this one dream which haunts me. You may laugh, but I was told if I get that dream close to my periods it’s due to hormonal issues. Now I have no option but to believe that it is that and nothing else…

After researching various kinds of dream topics, I would like to share my findings. The world of dreams is so mind-boggling, that it is difficult to find a starting point for discussion. While we all have different dreams, among us are a rare few who have prophetic dreams. These are precognitive dreams that insinuate certain impending life events. Such dreams may be symbolic or direct.

Usually, recognizing prophetic dreams and visions is difficult for people, particularly when they are symbolic in nature, because not many of them are aware of this concept. As such, until they understand these dreams and learn to associate them with their life, these dreams remain fleeting visions that are common through the night.


Credit: Rachna Sharma


The ability to have prophetic dreams, also described as a form of ESP (Extra Sensory Perception), is considered as a gift for the rare few who have them. As mentioned earlier, while some are able to recognize them, others are not. However, some such dreams are extremely clear and blunt.

For instance, many people have dreamed of the death of their loved ones, and seen it happen weeks or months later. These dreams are the ones that are most disturbing, but for those who take them seriously, they can serve as a warning to be mentally or emotionally prepared for such an event in their lives. An example that is apt for this discussion on prophetic dreams is that of Abraham Lincoln, who dreamed of his body laying in a coffin, merely two weeks before he was assassinated.

Though some psychics suggest that prophetic dreams occur only as a way of signifying an impending situation that will bring about a transition in your life, this may or may not be true. An alternate view suggests that any dream is meant as a symbol only for the person who is dreaming, and not her/his friends and family.

However, unless a person learns about dream interpretations, they are commonly misunderstood as messages for others. Prophetic dreams have also known to provide answers to people about problems that have bothered them for a long time. For instance, Albert Einstein drew inspiration for his theory of relativity from a dream. Thus, the nature of such dreams is unpredictable.

Those who have such dreams believe that their visions are prophetic dreams from God. In reality, these dreams suggest a warning towards where a person is headed, and an urge to use this warning to prevent any impending dangers. There are some people who have heightened psychic abilities, while those of others are marred by the emotional and physical upheaval that they experience in their lives.

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It has been found that children are most vulnerable and are more prone to having such dreams. Until these psychic abilities are not honed where you learn to tune out the unnecessary and focus only on the necessary, these dreams appear only symbolically. As you learn how to enhance and open yourself up to all the psychic phenomena around you, the dreams tend to become more literal.

Understanding and Utilizing

Psychics believe that when you experience such phenomena as prophetic or premonition dreams, learning how to use them for your benefit is something you must do. Simply put, when you are gifted, use it to improve your situation. When it is in your hands, to prevent an unfavorable situation, you should make the most of it. One way to do so is by maintaining a diary of your dreams, and relating any dreams to events that may be symbolic of such dreams.

This is going to take a while, because normally we don’t tend to record our dreams, and some of them are even forgotten. Another way of enhancing our openness to such dreams is by means of meditation, where we learn how to tune out the world, and tune in to our own needs and desires.

While these may not be guaranteed methods of understanding prophetic dreams and meanings, they definitely help you expand your comprehension and the symbolism of your dreams. More often than not, people have a fear of dreaming about something that may be unnerving. This fear does not allow the dream to provide any clarity to the dreamer, and may therefore appear as a morphed version of an actuality.

These fears can be eliminated and the mind can be opened to such dreams. If you are unsure about such methods, visiting a psychic who can introduce you to your spiritual self will also help you open up and understand the prophecies made in your dreams.

You must know that prophetic dreams are not only signals of changes in the future, but may also symbolize current situations such as difficult relationships, or may help you delve into your past and help you find answers that you never could. They are not any kind of paranormal phenomena, as it is possible for anyone to have such dreams. While many people have had prophetic dreams that have come true, others have had no such experiences. This is why dreams are unpredictable.

A prophetic dream may also mean that you are looking for a sign or a symbol to warn you of any upcoming problems, to help you make those life-altering decisions, or as a means of reassurance that you are on the right track in life. Understanding such dreams, and perceiving them in the right way is an art that can be mastered only over a long time.

So Dream On ….

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