The Democratic Party in Libya’s Position on Yemen

libya-yemenThe Democratic Party in Libya would like to congratulate the Yemeni people and the entire Arab peoples on the happy occasion of the death of the tyrant Ali Salah.

The media of the Old Arab Order have been persistently advancing the fallacy that the Arab Spring has turned into a winter and that it is futile to challenge the status quo. According to this black propaganda democracy, freedom and the right to self-determination are not for the Arabs.

The killing of Salah belies all that. He met a similar fate to Qaddafi in its every surrealist detail. The Arab Spring is very much alive, and all the Arab tyrants are its targets. In this historical moment, we would like to give the heroic people of Syria, the cradle of humanity, the glad tidings that Bashar Al-Assad will soon meet a similar fate to that of Qaddafi and Salah, God-willing.

Syria will emerge from its calamity a cradle of freedom and enlightenment. Finally, the Democratic Party would like to affirm that the Arab Spring is confidently progressing toward secularism and democracy. There is no longer any place in the Arab world for despots and the merchants of religion.

Ahmed Shebani is Founder of The Democratic Party in Libya. Read other articles by Ahmed.

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