Justice for Baloch Remains Elusive

After consistently raising their voice for justice and human rights, the Baloch people of Pakistan’s restive Balochistan province continue to suffer from terrible conditions each day.

justice-baloch-missing-personsThe multiple conflicts in Pakistan’s largest province Balochistan have been left in a state of terminal chaos. Meanwhile, the federal establishment, the parliament and the provincial government are accused of neglecting the province. The military and intelligence agencies have been continuously blamed for brutalities including “Kill and Dump policy,” especially the abduction and extrajudicial killing of Baloch people.

According to Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, about 18,000 Baloch have been abducted from Balochistan. However government figures vary.

Balochistan’s Home & Tribal Affairs Department have received 209 cases; 61 missing persons have been recovered; and 24 mutilated dead bodies found in different parts of Balochistan since 2013. Meanwhile 144 cases are under trial before the supreme court.

Unfortunately, mainstream media neglects the issue of Baloch missing persons

Since 2009, more than 700 mutilated bodies of Baloch missing activists have been found dumped across Balochistan and Karachi. Their bodies were invariably mutilated beyond recognition and the perpetrators tag the bodies with slips carrying the person’s name for the relatives to recognize.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has taken notice of the missing person’s case. The Chief Justice stated many times during a hearing of missing persons that there is much evidence against the Frontier Corps and security services. Are security agencies above the law?

The Baloch human rights organization, the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons VBMP, observed several strikes, protests, and hunger camps for the recovery of Baloch missing persons across Pakistan. Although nearly 1,655 days have passed in which activists have helped raise awareness, justice has not been served yet.

The United Nations and other human rights organizations should take notice on the gradual mocking injustice with Baloch families of the missing persons.

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Saad Ullah Baloch is a social activist and has a MS in International Relations from Iqra University in Islamabad.