Baloch Student on Indefinite Hunger Strike

Baloch activists paying the price of advocating Baloch people of their rights, and their families are also under target by the Pakistani forces.

balochistan-baloch-economyThe silence of human rights organizations and international community might cause the death of a young student, Latif Johar, the Baloch Student Organization (Azad) central committee member, who  has been observing a hunger strike until death for the recovery of the organization’s Chairman, Zahid Baloch aka Baloch Khan since April 22.

On April 22, the Senior Chairperson of BSO-A, Banuk Kareema revealed in front of Karachi Press Club that Zahid had been abducted by the Pakistani intelligence agencies on March 18 from Quetta during a meeting of the organization.

Zahid is one out of thousands of Baloch who are the victims of forced disappearances staged by the Pakistani security agencies. In an interview with BBC Urdu Zahid had said, “If they (Pakistani security agencies) find me, they will kill me.”

Although facing kidnapping threats, Johar is committed to demonstrate against the abduction of his leader in front of Karachi Press Club.

Not only are the Baloch activists paying the price of advocating Baloch people of their rights, but their families are also under target by the Pakistani forces. The enforced disappearances of Baloch activists and students are dramatically increasing.

The historic “long march” by Voice for Baloch Missing Persons never brought about the conclusion of the atrocities of human rights violations in Balochistan. Johar said his organization had taught him to love humanity, and their weapons are pens and books. He said he could not hurt anyone to be heard but could hurt himself to be heard by the civilized world and the United Nations.

He further said,

“I am a student. Studying, writing, learning, exploring are my hobbies. But all this has become impossible for me. My friends disappear and end up dead, dumped on empty street-sides with blood-curdling scars on their bodies. My schools and colleges are turned into cozy military barracks.”

Understandingly, the officials seem to be mere spectators. None of the government representatives has seemingly noticed the hunger strike and taken any action to save the life of Johar, who is getting weaker by every passing minute.

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