Mohammed Assaf’s Music Brings Joy and Hope to Palestinians

It is clear that Mohammed Assaf still represents the new face of Palestine to the world.

assaf-palestinian-musicPalestinian-American pride was soaring high in DC on May 11, 2014 as Mohammed Assaf’s voice echoed throughout the room, the audience captivated by his shining smile and impressive dabke skills.

Embarking on his second US tour, sponsored by Arab America, alongside Arab Idol finalist Ziad Khoury, Assaf brought the crowd to their feet as he belted out his traditional fan favorites like “Ali Keffiyeh” and his new hit “Ya Halali Ya Mali.”

The sold out show spoke volumes as to the message of peace and hope Assaf still symbolizes and embodies for the Palestinian people.

Youth Outreach Coordinator at the American Task Force on Palestine Tala Haikal who attended the DC concert, recounted that “Palestinians of different backgrounds and political affiliations find in Assaf a focal point around which they may find some peace; however transient.”

Watch this clip of Mohammed Assaf perform.

Yasmeen Serhan, a young Palestinian-American student at USC who attended Assaf’s concert in Redwood City, California, echoed this sentiment by pointing out that “though Palestinians are spread out around the world, it was comforting to have someone like Assaf bring us together, even for a few moments, and bring hope in a situation that often times seems hopeless.” As we near the first anniversary of Assaf’s rise to glory and fame, it is clear that he still represents the new face of Palestine to the world.

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Miriam Awadallah is currently pursuing her Master of Public and International Affairs with a specialization in Security and Intelligence Studies at the University of Pittsburgh. Her interests include the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the broader role of Iran in Middle East Politics. You can follow her on Twitter at @Miradallah. Read other articles by Miriam.

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