Afghanistan Still Needs Support from America

In June 2011 US President Barack Obama announced that America and NATO troops will evacuate from Afghanistan by 2014.

After 2014, the Afghan government would assume full legal and security responsibility. With 23 days left until 2014, some question remain: If 49 countries in the Western alliance couldn’t control Afghanistan, can the Kabul government successfully maintain stability and security after 2014?

And if the NATO coalition which has modern technology and equipment, will it share these necessary tools with the Afghan government?

If we are to answer these questions honestly, the answers are both no.

The Afghanistan National Army (ANA) and Afghanistan National Police (ANP) are not properly trained. It’s impossible for the Kabul government to effectively control Afghanistan. It is unfair and an injustice for the United States to withdraw from Afghanistan in this current bad situation.

The Afghan people face threats from all sides. Afghan children are not safe. When a boy goes to the market or school, his mother and sister are in constant fear that he could be killed or kidnapped by militants.

Moreover, if America leaves Afghanistan it will become a hub for Al-Qaeda, Taliban and other militant groups. Terrorists and militants will threaten the entire international community, not just Afghanistan. If America wants to leave Afghanistan it can help in the following ways:

  • Train the ANA and ANP and provide them with modern technology.
  • Help boost the Afghan economy.
  • Improve education sectors in Afghanistan.
  • Ensure equality to all tribes and Afghan groups.
  • Isolate Afghan leaders affiliated with militant groups.
  • Work with the international community to help Afghanistan in the future and not abandon it like how the Soviet Union did in 1989.

If America commits to these points it is possible that Afghanistan will eventually become self-reliant.  However if America exits Afghanistan like the Soviets, further chaos may ensue.

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Inayat Ur Rehman is a Political Science and International Relations student. He can be reached at